African Slave Traders and their White European Slaves


In 1627, three ships, led by a renegade of German origin known as Come Murat. raided a number of different places on the Icelandic coast and carried off 400 captives.  The captives, at least the ones who survived were taken to North Africa and sold as slaves.

Late on June 19, 1631 More than 200 armed corsairs anchored off the Village of Baltimore in Ireland,and raided the town, 107 people were carried away by the Arabs to the slave markets of North Africa, only three lived to return home.

A few months ago I was visiting Blogsense-By-Barb‘s website, she had an interesting article posted about Jefferson, in our war against the Barbary pirates. It was a fairly simple read, and thought my 11-year-old grandson might enjoy a story about naval encounters with pirates. As he read the story, he got a really puzzled look on his face, then he said, “They never told me this.”

I asked what they’d never told him.

“White slaves, I thought all slaves were black, my teacher never said anything, none of my books say anything about there ever being any white slaves, I didn’t know.”

My grandson isn’t the only one who believes all slaves were black . Teaching him the truth now could make life difficult for him in school. Regardless of the issue most kids going into their teens, will argue a point to death, if they think they’re right. He’s no different. He’ll end up debating the point with a teacher who was herself taught revisionist history. Invariably, sooner or later the question will come up on a standardized test. The truth doesn’t fit the politically correct narrative.

In reality, very few Americans know much at all about the “more modern” history of slavery. Yes, we all know slavery was mentioned in the Bible, and we all know that the Romans had slaves. Our schools have made sure every child in the country knows about the horrors of the African Slave Trade, although most believe, incorrectly, that it was white slavers who stole black Africans from their homes. That undoubtedly happened occasionally but it was rare. From Cynthia Yocky’s website:

When the white slaver showed up in his wooden ship, he made a business deal with a Muslim wholesaler [note by Cynthia Yockey: for example, Obama’s tribe]. Jihad was the machinery that Mohammed used, and his model worked well in Africa as slavers filled the slave pens for the same reason that Mohammed did it: profit. Whites only traded slaves with Islam for about 200 years. Islam was in the slave trade before and after selling to the West.
Read: Obama’s Kenyan ancestors sold slaves

Slavery existed in Africa long before the first European set foot there, and it still exists today. In Sudan, you can buy a human being for as little as $15.00. A young virgin might cost you as much as $75.00, Nigeria, where she will probably be taken, she might fetch the slaver more than $500.00.


Modern Day African Slave Trade


These girls, already slaves, probably ended up being sold into the sex trade


In West Africa the old slave trafficking routes are once again traveled by those who would enslave others for profit . However these routes are now being traveled in trucks and vans instead of by camel. Mobile Phones are the norm for the slave merchants to communicate back and forth as they transport their human cargo. The slave trafficking trade involves most countries in sub-Saharan West Africa. 

Children are kidnapped or purchased from their families for as little as $20 each by slave traders in poverty ridden areas, such as Beninand Togo, then sold into slavery in brothels or as domestic servants for over $300.00 each in the richer neighboring countries, such as Nigeria and Gabon. (Anti -Slavery Society). Children are sold in West African countries as domestic and commercial labor and also for sexual exploitation. Girls from Benin and Togo are in great demand by wealthy families in Lagos, Nigeria and also in Libreville in Gabon.

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Unknown to most Americans, from around the late 16th century well into the 19th, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of European women faced exactly the same fate as the girls in the picture. North African Slavers routinely raided the Christian villages along Europe’s Atlantic Coast and Mediterranean coast

From White Slavery The Untold Story

Large raiding parties might be essentially unopposed. When pirates sacked Vieste in southern Italy in 1554, for example, they took an astonishing 6,000 captives. Algerians took 7,000 slaves in the Bay of Naples in 1544, in a raid that drove the price of slaves so low it was said you could “swap a Christian for an onion.”

Spain, too, suffered large-scale attacks. After a raid on Granada in 1566 netted 4,000 men, women, and children, it was said to be “raining Christians in Algiers.” For every large-scale raid of this kind there would have been dozens of smaller ones.

The appearance of a large fleet could send the entire population inland, emptying coastal areas. In 1566, a party of 6,000 Turks and Corsairs sailed up the Adriatic and landed at Fracaville. The authorities could do nothing, and urged complete evacuation, leaving the Turks in control of over 500 square miles of abandoned villages all the way to Serracapriola.


Read White Slavery The Untold Story


During the 16th and 17th centuries more slaves were taken south across the Mediterranean than west across the Atlantic. Estimates vary, in his book Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters Professor Robert C. Davis puts the total at around 1.2 million, I recall seeing  other estimates as high as 3.2 Million. We know that hundreds of towns were raided, burned to the ground, the inhabitants take to North Africa and sold. Most would have been sold in Tripolitania, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.

Once a town was raided, and the people taken away, there was no accurate way to determine the number of people who were captured.  Most of the estimates I’ve seen have been based on the number of European Christian slaves reported to be in an area at different times to the number of slaves that would need to be captured to sustain the white slave population.

We know that Spain was hard hit, In 1492, the Spanish evicted the last of the Islamic Moors who had conquered the country around 710 AD, The Moors didn’t appreciate being kicked out, so raids against the Spanish Peninsula were a sort of retaliatory jihad.  Muslims have never never completely gotten over losing Cordoba, the Baghdad of the West.  Cordoba represented the height of Islamic power.  You may recall Cordoba was the name the Ground Zero Mosque developers wanted to give their so called Islamic Center. The symbolism would have been understood by every Muslim in the World.

The men generally found themselves chained to an oar on a ship, or working in mines. There was a market for young boys in the homosexual underground, before they reached puberty, after that they’d lose their value.  The women depending on their age and appearance would have been used as domestic servants, or as sex slaves.  Attractive, young, healthy white women were expensive so they were more likely to end up as concubines in a harem.

While this video concentrates on the Arab- African Slave trade it’s safe to say European White slaves didn’t fare much better.

Why aren’t Americans taught about this? It’s fairly simple, it doesn’t fit the political left’s narrative. As you saw in Torimoms post:  The Matrix, Part 4: The Agents the political left controls our education system. As Prof. Davis explains, white slaves with non-white masters simply do no fit “the master narrative of European imperialism.” The victimization schemes so dear to academics require white wickedness, not White suffering.

Worse than that, from their point of view, if the conversation gets started, another interesting and inconvenient fact might come to light.

You See; there are many more White Americans descended from slaves than there are White Americans who were slave owners. White slavery was common in Colonial America, but that is another story.

Stay Tuned

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August 23, 2012 7:40 pm

Of course he didn’t “know” because it doesn’t fit the narrative and the narrative is written by the leftists who have to program those children to be “progressives” when they grow up. We need a WHOLESALE stoppage of unions in local, state and federal jobs, there is absolutely NO NEED to unionize against We The People.

August 24, 2012 1:20 pm

When do I get my 40 acres and a mule?

August 24, 2012 6:35 pm

Everybody on this planet has ancestors who were held in bondage at one time or another. Every continent had/has a slave trade. Slavery in its many permutations is still practiced world wide from the physical ownership of a person to institutional welfare (stealth slavery) here in the US.

arrggh, it makes me crazed that we as humans have not grown up enough to stop this heinous practice.

August 24, 2012 11:13 pm

And your grandson is one of how many million? There are so many 20,30,40-somethings who need to have their eyes opened about history, it’s not funny. If some foundation/think tank would devote itself to that and not plug politics, it would be a great service.

August 25, 2012 1:58 am

My Family is the direct ancestors of Slavery my Great Great
Grandmother was kidnapped twice.

August 25, 2012 11:19 am

I didn’t know white slavery was this rampant. For anyone who has seen the movie Gladiator it does show quite well the slave trade in North Africa.