U S Marine in Psych Ward in Virginia. For What? (UPDATE 8/24)


(Updated 8/24)

If you don’t know the story, follow the links. Yesterday, a state district judge in Hopewell, VA order Brandon Raub released immediately and excoriated the magistrate that had ordered him confined, stating the order came without a single piece of evidence that would justify Raub being detained and examined.

That’s right, a magistrate, the lowest ranking officer of Virginia’s court system, which does not require any prior legal training.

Equally suspect is the new Virginia statute (which I can’t cite, but heard read earlier today) is well outside standard qualifications for judging a person’s behavior,  emotional condition, etc,  before binding him over. This new law is a result of the Virginia Tech shooting  in 2007 by Seung-Hui Cho, killing 32.

It is very loose, but in this case, the magistrate was even more loose in his/her discretion.

The story will continue to develop, as no one is sure how Raub’s conduct/writing came to the attention of federal authorities in the first place. There seems to be some anecdotal evidence it was from an anonymous caller, who read Raub’s views (found below).

If that is the case, then you may want to belay any greater motives behind this. I’m sure state legislators are already talking to one another ab0ut tightening up the leaky law, as well as memos going out from chief magistrates and judges to their front-line magistrates.

Raub’s family says they plan to sue, but don’t bet on it.


If you don’t know this story, Brandon Raub is a decorated Marine, living nearby in Chesterfield Country, Virginia.

He posted this on Facebook page in Nov 2011. Read it.

I read it found it to be 85% conservative God Bless America, 10% shut-down-the Federal Reserve Paulian, and 5% 911 conspiracy.

With the exception of the conspiracy talk, collectively we’ve said almost everything Raub has said here in some context or another. As manifestos go, it’s pretty tepid, more a statement of faith most American agree with.

And as for 911 conspiracies, when they start rounding up the Occupy crowd…

Anyway, a couple of days ago local county police and the FBI showed up on his doorstep, then hauled him away to a local hospital, where he is confined to a psych ward for up to 30 days observations, based on a green warrant.

That story is here.

What’s going on here?

What caused county police to go knock on this guy’s door? Most are pointing to this manifesto. Who complained? A neighbor? Friend of Facebook? Or is there a task force out there who watches for this sort of stuff?

Why the feds? Who asked for the warrant, the local police or FBI? Who issued the green warrant, local judge or federal judge?

Brandon’s radio interview from yesterday.

What’s going on here?

And what’s this mean to a public airing of disagreement with public leaders, while thousands are parading around openly advocating the overthrow of the Constitution, which this Marine seems to revere. According to Solzhenytsen, the Gulag started with a psych evaluation not unlike how this one began, being drug out of a house, knocked to the ground, and hustled away.

I’m sure Mr Raub will be home soon, but is this a warning shot to all of us?


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August 22, 2012 11:39 am

“County police.” Indeed. Well, for one thing, the county police have been bribed. DHS has, back from it’s inception, been supplying state and local police and emergency officials with all kinds of equipment and money to be a part of this whole “Homeland Security” scheme. This is like other federal programs where, if you want the money, you gotta play ball. Even state governments now have “Departments of Homeland Security”.

Kenny Solomon
Kenny Solomon
August 22, 2012 7:30 pm

I’ve a question: When that FaceBook entry was posted, was Mr. Raub a serving Marine ? Yes, it matters. Having said that, if Mr. Raub is a private citizen, my gut instincts, which have never ever lied to me, are saying this is ‘the’ test case. ‘Test case’ for what, you ask ? I know you remember my mantra: “Think ‘big picture’…… No…… Bigger…… NO…… BIGGER”. So then, how about this one: A nationwide move for Second Amendment revocation on an individual basis. Mr. Raub – although officially listed as ‘under observation’, is now technically under ‘psychological and/or psychiatric care’.… Read more »

August 23, 2012 12:32 am

rRght across the bow

Kenny Solomon
Kenny Solomon
August 23, 2012 3:55 pm

A federal judge has ordered Mr. Raub’s immediate release and went ballistic over the matter.