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Someday When Things Are Good

We had a pretty good conservative,  attractive, fire-in-the-belly candidate for President last year.  Then he went on national TV and said some bleeding-heart thing or another about how if you didn’t think illegal aliens’ kids needed to be educated, you didn’t have a heart, or something.  Well, that started a firestorm – not on the other side of the aisle, but on ours.  Oh, and he had heard adolescents needed immunizations, or something, so he was probably a closet communist involved in crony capitalism, except for that curious hawkish stance on national security, and that Tenth Amendment thing.  Oh, well.

Midway through the process, some comments were made by presidential hopefuls about capitalism with a “capital V” and they were immediately greeted with a firestorm, and endless sermons about “electability.”  Anyone see a pattern developing here?

It hasn’t been but a few weeks ago that one of the Romney campaign staffers was called every name in the book for daring to remind voters about the health care insurance scheme in Massachusetts.  Yes, Mitt had done a stupid thing in Massachusetts, but don’t forget, he’s electable, so shut up about it, said the pundits, and if you don’t, we’re not going to support Mitt anymore…or something.

Well here we are, August the endth, and the pundits and the establishment are still trying to get people to shut up, because “This is the most important election in history”; “if Obama wins, it will be the end of America as we know it”;  “Everything is going to be fixed on January 20, 2013 by about four o’clock in the afternoon.”  Well, yea on the first two and probably a big, ole’ nay on that last. For the record, we have been nothing but impressed  by the Romneys and their campaign since securing the nomination.  But still…

Yes, Mr. Akin was acceptable, until he made a careless, for a professional pol, remark.  And now Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin are all but declaring that their lives, their fortunes and all that are in dangerous peril because of a quip by a senatorial candidate in Missouri.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, if that is the slender thread we are hanging by, God help us if some candidate for District 12 in Iowa would hypothesize about a rising GDP or something.  That might just put Obama over the top.

Would we be giving away too much if we let the cat out that Michelle Malkin writes and performs from the warm cocoon of the Creator’s Syndicate?  Or that Ann Coulter is handsomely subsidized by Eagle Publishing Company and others. [* Stop.  We do not begrudge Ann or Michelle anything.  They earn every dime. Stop.*] And, yes, we do recall that our hero, Rush Limbaugh, was accused of secretly hoping Bill Clinton would win so he would have a gig for four more years.  That’s not it. We’re here going to point out that the Republican National Committee and Reince Priebus are headquartered, and almost exclusively conduct their operations out of, Washington, DC….inside da Beltway! See, you have to be physically located near the center of power because this is the 19th century, or something.  And you can have secret meetings in coffee shops. Anyway, that’s not it either.

The point is that there are a whole lot of us rubes out here who understand that the turn of a phrase and a smooth delivery count for something.   But principles and the fact that we have a system of government based on law, and not men, is what has kept America afloat all these years.  And while we are fully aware of the fact that Barack Obama, in his person and through his associations, is a danger, a clear and present danger, to America, we didn’t get to this stage of criticality in the matter of our lives, our fortunes and other things without a whole lot of acquiescence and acceptance of premises of the Progressive way of life by people who are supposedly on our side.  Or so it often seems, anyway.  You never know who’s going to be welcomed with open arms at a CPAC convention in these modern times.

We pick on Malkin and Coulter today because they’re handy, but of course there are many more.   We’re not even going to waste any space here naming the RINO pols. The point is they can’t simply change the subject when one of our side makes a gaffe, they have to go on national TV and be indignant about it………and of course, promote their book while on the set.  Again, that’s fine, but this idea of making a big deal out of telling folks to shut up is supposed to be the province of Barack Obama.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that the reason candidates for public office are reduced to spouting off about social issues in the first place is that the cosmopolitans and the gentry are the ones who have allowed these things to become the focus of government.  There was no popular hue and cry to get government to promote the Baptist Church in public schools, or to take away a hearty meal from poor kids at the school lunch counter.  All people around the country, who had suffered for decades from the results of the collegiality among the town-and-gowners in the East Coast and West Coast corridors, wanted was an examination of the premises behind all the legislation and bureaucratic rule-making that had so weighed them down as they went about their business and so fogged their glasses as they sought to see, for themselves, what their Creator had intended for them.  They wanted the clutter removed, and not for more stages to be erected upon which people could make a living arguing how best Big Government could reflect the people’s wishes.

There is an honest libertarian streak running through most conservatives.  That’s opposed to the faux libertarian concept of wanting the government to pass more laws saying it’s okay for them to do whatever they want to do. That’s not how it is supposed to work.  We truly want to be good and prosperous. We know we won’t necessarily always be good, nor prosperous, but we want our success or failure to be on us and not dependent on nuanced censorship and interpretation of simple constitutional constructs coming from remote centers of influence.

The bottom line is, we know that the Democrats don’t trust us or like us.  What hurts is that the Republicans don’t seem to either.  Someday, after we…win the election…it may be  time to have this all out.

Someday when things are good, I’m gonna leave you
I can’t seem to go when things are bad
I’ll be one more love that you can dream about
And one more man that you can say you’ve had

You’ll always be the kind to dream of yesterday
And a way of life I never understood
And someday soon I’ll be just one more memory
And you’ll call my name when things are not so good

Someday when things are good, I’m gonna leave you
I can’t seem to go when things are bad
I’ll be one more love that you can dream about
And one more man that you can say you’ve had

Acknowledgement: Merle Haggard and Leona Williams

h/t: Texasgalt

sympathies: E Pluribus Unum

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