US Representative Todd Akin (R-02, MO) is the Republican candidate for the US Senate currently held by liberal Democrat Claire McCaskill. Yesterday he aid something phenomenally stupid, in such a way that his saying provides fuel for media and Democrat ad campaigns against not only Akin but against all Republicans. The media uproar was expected and immediate. The cowardly Republican backlash against Akin was also expected and immediate. You see, not only are the Republicans terminally cowardly, Akin is a social conservative, which makes him the enemy to the standard-bearers of the Republican Party. They cut him loose before the iceberg even hit.

The race was considered close before yesterday, and one matter of timing makes this whole controversy especially salacious: if Akin were to drop from the race before 5 PM today, Republicans would be able to field another candidate without going to the Democrat-friendly courts to get it approved. So a decision awaits today as to whether Akin stays the distance or gets out.

Republican flacks, hacks, and mules from top to bottom have called for Akin to drop from the race – House Speaker John Boehner, Republican Party head Reince Priebus, former Missouri senator John Ashcroft, Republican Establishment motormouth Ann Coulter, and many others. The usual suspects, for the most part. Only Rush Limbaugh stands apart from the feeding frenzy, and his comments thus far are non-committal, but he was very resentful of the GOP firing squad forming up.

I want Akin to stay in. My reasons:

  • The media will have a field day with it throughout the rest of the campaign season, and Democrats will run many ads painting every Republican candidate as anti-woman, and anti-something or other. Well, guess what. I am tired of the media picking our candidates, and chasing our candidates out of races. No more. I will not bow, not ever.
  • How much is this party and this country paying for the Republican fear of the media over decades of bowing and surrendering, decades of choosing moderates when conservatives would have won, decades of media-fear-driven compromise? The cost has been incalculable. John Roberts was a compromise Supreme Court nominee, a “stealth nominee”. Thank you for giving me Obamacare. John McCain in 2008 was the media-approved candidate. John Boehner’s many, many panic-driven sellouts are responsible for trillions of dollars of new spending and new debt. From here on, I will take the losses in the arena before I will accept the left-power-media weasels choosing what gladiator I will be forced to back. This gotcha-question game the media love to play, I’m not willing to concede to them one more scalp. Not one more.
  • The gutless Republican Establishment will turn on him because that is the variety of jackal we have running the party. OK, so what? They did that against Sharon Angle. I’ll just put it this way. A bunch of us are keeping score. There will be a reckoning in the party someday.
  • Yes, the media will do some damage with this, but this incident will have to share time between demogogueries (is that even close to being spelled right?). The media hacks are overloaded already. Romney has so far committed felonies, killed sick women, cheated on taxes, and not paid taxes. Ryan has wheeled grandma over the cliff a hundred times, and I’m pretty sure he will have committed other atrocities before the race is over. Meanwhile, all Republicans are racists, warmongers, one-percenters, anti-woman, anti-poor people, and anti-immigrant. Seriously, how much play can the media get out of a bad, bad sound bite about rape victims?
  • Akin’s comments were wrong, but what he said, he said in defense of unborn children against the ghastly abortion industry. Did Boehner ever actually make a stand for anything? Don’t you dare question Akin’s heart. His brain, well that needs work, but let’s also don’t put him in the category of stupid maintained by Hank “Guam tip over and capsize” Johnson. So I am not going to have my hand on the hammer that nails him to a cross for that. Not me, pal.

No more surrender. No more letting the media (and Democrats, and GOP Establishment) picking our candidates. Even if we lose, by God, we will go down like men and not like Republicans.

E Pluribus Unum
The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one. A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era. Like the weapons of the previous century, we, too, would become obsolete.

Pity, because I lived for it.