Andrea Mitchell’s worst nightmare


I attended a Tea Party rally in downtown Cleveland yesterday. The purpose of “Occupy the Truth” was to protest the MSM cover-up of the alleged Cleveland “bridge bombers” who had planned the take-down via explosives of the Brecksville Bridge which carries Rt. 82 over the Cuyahoga National Forest outside of Cleveland. The bridge carries thousands of vehicles per day over the valley. Below are the mugshots of the plotters:

Not really sure if I had to make a choice which one I would go on a date with. The FBI claims the bridge was never in danger as they used undercover agents to sell them bogus explosives, but the point is the media should have been all over this.

I’ve done some of my own polling, most of my friends hadn’t even heard about this. Some a little bit but not much. Not surprising, as the quintet was part of Cleveland Occupy Wall Street which the Democrats and Obama have “protected.” Nancy Pelosi said “God Bless ’em” and Obama has said “I understand their frustration” but he has never denounced the radical anarchists. And if you aren’t convinced the Dems are supporting them, take a look at the screen shot below:

I don’t think any explanation is necessary.

The rally yesterday was organized by “Gateway Pundit” Jim Hoft and Hating Breitbart. The conservative powerhouse triad Michelle Malkin, Dana Loesch and Sonnie Johnson, who each gave scathing criticism of the MSM cover-up was dubbed “Andrea Mitchell’s worst nightmare.”

Below is a picture of the crowd:

And the best “patriot” I saw in attendance:

There were 7-8 “occupiers” in attendance, however I suspect they were paid as they just stood there for 2 hours, didn’t move and looked totally bored.

It was a good day for the Tea Party. And in case you were wondering, none of the media made a showing even though all were invited. Not even FoxNews.

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August 19, 2012 4:49 pm

I think the guy, second from left, likes fine potato vodka. I have a sense about these things, LIO.

All kidding aside, we’re wining and this relatively small demonstration simply highlights the differences. Romney will win Ohio and Sherrd Brown will go down as well.

August 19, 2012 5:15 pm

That’s okay. LIO. Breitbart covered it and you covered it for Unified Patriots. You’re having an “impact” in Ohio and beyond.

Kenny Solomon
Kenny Solomon
August 19, 2012 5:55 pm

Sounds like a good time, Carol.

Shame that not even what used to pass for Fox News couldn’t be bothered to send at least a B-Roll camera.

On a semi-funny note, if Jim didn’t tell you, he kind of forgot about something when organizing the festivities.

Rule #1: When Hosting a High Profile Speaker at a Rally Always Do Your Best to Impress
That link is to his site – Gateway.