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Stacy McCain, A Died In The Wool Journalist, Heading to RNC Convention

I am more then positive you all are aware of, and probably read The Other McCain every day, I know I do, because Stacy does what the whores of the so called “mainstream” media won’t do, actual shoe leather reporting. He hits the road and tells the news, something we haven’t been privy to for decades prior to the internet. I am grateful to Stacy for all his hard work and the suffering he has had because of it. You see, Stacy McCain was one of Brett Kimberlin, A Soros Monkey’s Target

As soon as any blogger becomes a nuisance to Brett Kimberlin, that person is targeted by the Web site I call “Not Brett Kimberlin,” and harassed on Twitter by a number of pseudonymous trolls, including the one that on Monday viciously attacked Mandy Nagy.

Over the weekend, the Not Brett Kimberlin site — which I neither link nor call by its actual name, so as not to publicize it — was shut down for a while because it was clearly in violation of its hosting provider’s Terms of Service. Yesterday, Not Brett Kimberlin came back online and posted a dishonest disclaimer that it was taking “the high road” and then immediately published an attack on Lee Stranahan.

Why Lee Stranahan? Because he has been doing yeoman’s work in exposing Kimberlin’s menace to the First Amendment. It was, of course, Stranahan who declared May 25 “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day,” producing a YouTube video that made clear who Kimberlin is. More recently, when Kimberlin’s 501(c) Velvet Revolution claimed that Kimberlin had been the victim of a “SWATting,” Stranahan contacted the Montgomery County (Md.) Police Department, who said that no such incident had occurred.

So, naturally, Stranahan must be targeted for the same kind of character assassination that has been aimed at all the others who have written the truth about Brett Kimberlin. These attacks are merely an attempt to change the subject, and divert attention from Kimberlin’s own dishonest criminalit. Wise men will not be deceived by such tactics. Let us pause, reader, to ask a few questions:

You will note that Stacy had to write that story from an undisclosed location, that is the scum we conservatives are dealing with in this day and age. So now he is heading to give We The People a true journalists eye on the events at the Republican National Convention. We know ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN will cut tape, lie and attempt to make Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan look like racists, bigot or worse. So being as we are all in this thing together I encourage you all to please go throw Mr. Stacy McCain some cash for his shoe leather fund He Is What Was Intended By Journalist In The First Amendment Of Our Treasured Constitution

A week from today, I’m leaving on a road trip to the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and I hope readers will contribute to the Shoe Leather Fund to help make this the most successful road-trip ever. As a Republican lady in Ohio shouted out to Paul Ryan yesterday, “Good luck! Kick ass!”

Anyway, I’ve spent the past four hours blogging from this McDonald’s. My 13-year-old son Jefferson is getting antsy, so now it’s time for us to hit the road — and time for you hit the freaking tip jar!

I had met Mr. Stacy, unfortunately for the first time, at Mr. Breitbart’s memorial in DC., he is the real deal my conservative fellows, so please help him out.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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