Friday, September 17, 2021
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Dope and Chains


Barack Obama – Joe Biden Four More Years?


I thought of something as I was driving to an appointment earlier today.  It came to me in a flash.  I even wrote it down on a scrap of paper on the seat next to me.

It’s the new slogan for the Obama – Biden 2012 ticket.

Free of charge, no strings attached.  It is my gift to them – after all, they’ve given this country so MUCH over the past 3+ years.

That slogan?


Dope and Chains


Rather than run (on as I normally do), I’ll just sit back quietly and chuckle to myself….





Have a nice night folks…

[Note to self:  Buy Nucorp stock tomorrow.  They have something to do with making steel, and something tells me that business will be booming following the 2012 election.  Well, unless Joe Biden’s either lying, or incompetent.  Ah, never mind, one is as likely as the other.]


Grumpy Note:

I posted this for Moos, one of the Original Grumpy Authors

He sent me an email this morning apologizing for not getting over here himself.  Work has a way of interfering with blogging.  He promised to drop by later.

Moos and I got to know each other when we both posted on Florida Today and some other Gannett sites.  If you ever get caught up in a troll war, on a liberal MSM site, he’s a good guy to have on your side..  About eight of us fought a running battle on Florida Today for two years with some liberal trolls.   The trolls had over 500 usernames banned.. we still use the ones we started with.

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