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Why are conservatives considered radicals?  Is it because it is assumed that socialists and communists are the norm?  – tweeted by @olretiree 



@olretiree  is closer to the truth than most people imagine.  Timothy McVeigh was tried and found guilty of being the person responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing. I don’t think anyone shed a tear when he was executed. This is as it should be. The man was a terrorist, he was dealt with the way families, tribes, and later, nations have been dealing with terrorists since before we learned to write and keep records.

Sometimes that rule isn’t followed here in the United States.

A key element in the determination seems to be whether the terrorist is perceived as a Left Wing Terrorist or Right Wing Terrorist.  Several dangerous left wing terrorist organizations sprang up during the Vietnam War, these organizations were largely funded by America’s Foreign Enemies. The FBI may have committed some Constitutional violations during their investigations. That, and the pro-Communist leanings of former president Jimmy Carter, allowed a number of the left-wing terrorists to get off.  Terrorists who blew up buildings and occasionally killed people were never tried for their more serious crimes. One of the groups that escaped largely unscathed was the Weather Underground. It was a group of communist, self-styled revolutionaries who declared war on the United States then blew up buildings, and occasionally got people killed.

Instead of being put up against a wall and shot, as they should’ve been, many were left free to join the academic world. Over the last couple of days, in her articles, Torimom pointed out that many of these people have become very influential in the education world. Yesterday, she pointed out what one of the more notorious of the treasonous bastards, Bill Ayers, was doing to our education system these days. She plans on taking her investigation into how Bill Ayers’ schemes, working with the teachers unions, go hand-in-hand with the Obama administration’s educational goals.

As she pointed out, Bill Ayers is not the only one of these clowns still around and still trying to pursue a communist revolutionary ideals by using the American public education system instead of blowing up buildings and killing police officers.  I decided to mention a few of the others. Most are nowhere near as well known as Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, but the ultimate goal of all of them is the collapse of the United States as we know it, and the implementation of a communist government.

These people are not hard to find, they’re all over, just look on any college or University campus that gets government funding.  Looking down the list it was hard to decide which one of the treasonous bastards I wanted to target for this blog and which ones to save for later.  Many people have heard about Barack Obama’s connections to Bill Ayers.

His equally close ties to Michael Klonsky haven’t been mentioned as much. It’s really a shame, like Ayers, Klonsky shared office space with Obama for at least three years.  Klonsky and Ayers had worked together in the old SDS.  When Ayers helped found the Weathermen, Klonski put together a Maoist Organization called October League later the Communist Party (Marxist Leninist).  The CP(ML) was recognized by the Chinese Communists for it’s potential to destroy the the Imperialist United States.

Klonsky was a hero to the Chinese Communists and Chairman Mao..  Remember, during this period the Chinese were happily helping the North Vietnamese kill as many Americans as possible in Vietnam.  By every definition of the word, Mike Klonsky committed Treason.  Instead of hanging him, we made him a college professor so he could teach his beliefs to a couple of generations of teachers.. Teachers who in turn, would join the public school system where they could use tax dollars to ferment revolution.

By some coincidence Klonsky found himself teaching with Bill Ayers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  American Parents and taxpayers were paying these two a salary while they schemed up ways to use America’s education system to destroy the the Country we know.  Over time he and Ayers set up the Small Schools Workshop. Then Ayers got Obama appointed to the board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge where he served too

Klonsky was a big beneficiary of the money Obama and Ayers  gave away while they served on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge,

From the mid to late 1990′s they gave Klonsky’s Small Schools Workshop $1,056,162.00 in grant money.  While Obama was on the Board of the Joyce Foundation he sent another $912,556.00 in Klonsky’s direction.

I’m sure some of you are figuring, it’s been longtime since the 60s and 70s, maybe this guy’s views have  changed. Here is your answer from Discover the Networks.

In a 2001 interview with the Chicago Tribune, Klonsky candidly revealed that he and William Ayers were still pursuing the same radical agendas they had advocated in their younger days, the only difference being that they had now “learned how to work within the system


Make no mistake about it, the small schools purpose has less to do with decreasing the size of schools that it does teaching a “Social Justice Education” Left-wing code for communism.

After working with Mike Klonsky and Bill Ayres for years, Barack Obama had to know that they were communists, and that they were still committed to overturning the government of the United States as we know it. Even so, Klonsky was the Obama’s Campaigns website Education Blogger writing a blog that focused, as Klonsky put it, on “education politics and teaching for social justice.’  (there’s that code word again) That ended abruptly when  when law professor/blogger Steve Diamond in June 2008 called attention to Klonsky’s radical past, the Obama campaign suddenlyscrubbed its website of anything Klonsky had ever written.

I’m hoping not to set off a series of conspiracy theories.  Jared Loughner the mental case who killed 6 people and wounded 13 others, including the Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was a product of the Small Schools Project. It’s ironic in that the liberal media left no stone unturned trying to find a reason to blame conservatives for the killings.

Once again from Discover the Networks

Today Klonsky is a board member of the Movement for a Democratic Society along with such luminaries as Paul BuhleNoam ChomskyCarl DavidsonAngela DavisBernardine Dohrn,Barbara EhrenreichTom HaydenManning Marable, and Cornel West.

Funny how many people on that list are communists with interesting pasts and some sort of direct or indirect tie to Barack Obama.

Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

That’s number 17 of the Long Term Communist Goals to take over the United States.

They are well on their way


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August 14, 2012 5:18 pm

Just as there isn’t one specific conspiracy, but the unseen hand having written and moved on, there isn’t one fault you can point to as to why we allow things to happen. It’s a combination of all the ageless sins – greed, envy, lust, vanity, peer pressure, sloth. No doubt many wanted to believe that when the Soviet Union dissolved, the popular notion of communism as a movement went with it. The Cold War was a long one, and if you grew up fearing a nuclear holocaust, you breathed a sigh of relief. Why shouldn’t we let the technocrats run… Read more »

E Pluribus Unum
August 14, 2012 11:59 pm

Much of this is news to me, but there’s enough that I already knew to know you have called it right. What many of us intuitively grasp about the Obamanistas turns out to have a pretty solid paper trail.

I hate his guts. And I tell you what, the willpower required to drive these commies from our ranks will require a deep, abiding hate. And I don’t consider it unChristian in the least.

August 15, 2012 11:06 am

Welcome, Grump. Just read your post over at your site.. Commented there too.

August 15, 2012 6:12 pm

Welcome Grumpy. Thanks for all the schooling here. You have a great site. For those who are not aware it is

Grumpy Elder
August 15, 2012 7:51 pm

LadyImpact, Vasser, Thanks for the kind words, and the great posts..

August 15, 2012 8:33 pm

Don’t you worry honey, God didn’t give conservatives both the internet and a full court press of conservatives to show AMERICANS who love their country more then themselves what has been going on under their noses “)

Kelly Sayre
August 16, 2012 12:59 am

The hard thing is 95% of Americans have no clue the schools and our culture have been stolen by the commies and they think anyone who has noticed is just a grumpy blow-hard.

August 16, 2012 6:43 pm

Great dispatch Grumpy!! Thanks for sharing it with us!
Knowing how the islamification of the US chaps my behind I can only imagine what your friend suffers when he remembers the friends he lost fighting communists and has to see them holding the reins of power here and now. In the good old days we used to sing about killing commies on our morning runs. Of course, that all ended in the late 90s, now the Army sings about pixies and unicorn farts on their morning runs.