Just hours after team Romney picks Rep. Paul Ryan (WI) as running his mate, awesomeness arrives:

“Not just to displace Barack Obama, but to preserve and strengthen the very idea of America.”

My only initial misgiving in Romney picking Ryan is that Paul Ryan, House Budget Committee Chairman, will be sorely missed in that position. Now, however, I’m thinking that maybe this takes it to the next level?

A Vice President’s only real exposure seems to be as a gaffe factory as Biden has proven to be, or as a target of all the evil one party could muster, as Cheney was. Go kiss babies, sit in the Senate as a disinterested tie-breaker, wave as you get off a plane somewhere. What a Vice President appears to do is pretty much nothing. This is where we want someone like Paul Ryan?

If Ryan is the VP pick, then the position needs to be re-thought. He needs to head a budget team, and take initiatives to the people. He’s well-spoken, the leftists hate him, the women love him, men want to be him, what more to you want? He can carry a message that’ll be heard. The press won’t be able to ignore him, because both sides will want to be focusing on him. The left will be trying to point to him and blame him for all the evil that exists, which will shine the media spotlight on him to “expose him”, and that’s where he’ll shine. He’s been under attack and turned it right back on his attacker, as he did to Chris MatthewsAs he did to Debbie Two-Names (Wasserman-Schultz).

At this point, I think I’m more excited at the bottom of the ticket than I am at the top. Kind of like 2008 all over again. The question is, will Romney have the good sense to put Ryan to work in his administration?

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