Friday, September 17, 2021
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“Ugly Black Babies” It’s How Abortionists View Murder.

We all learned the horrible truth of Roe v Wade when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally uttered out loud what the Pro-Life Movement had always known; it was to rid the country of groups the elites considered undesirable. Abortion Is About Getting Rid Of Undesirables. These “undesirables” appear to be members of the black community. If you see the numbers of abortions and where the abortion clinics are located, you would know that the elites in the Democrat Party had chosen the black community. There is a genocide occurring in these communities, not only because of limitless abortion, but also they people are locked into violent, urban conclaves run by Democrats. The next “undesirable” racial group the elites are going after is the Hispanic community. Planned Parenthood has decided that the abortion murder mills should be located in close proximity to the Hispanic communities.

The elitist, Leftists of this country believe they know more and should dictate how others live their lives. After all, they’re white, rich, educated, or at least they think they are. These are the people who are so arrogant about their beliefs and power (they would rather choose a fish over a farmer trying to make a living) – they have absolutely no qualms about murdering “those undesirable” groups. Justice Ginsburg made that statement many years ago, and sad to say, it has come to fruition. Today, we have an abortionist who doesn’t like those little black babies either; Those Ugly Black Babies

To those of us who are pro-life, there are no ugly babies, they are God’s gift to the world in all their glory. Babies are our future, and if we all work a little harder we’ll be able to get rid of the hateful, elitist Left – who want to murder our unborn children.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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