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Who, Pray Tell, is the Michigan Nurses Association?

Our beloved Dr. Dan Benishek, now Congressman Benishek, who set aside his medical practice to go to Washington, DC on behalf of his constituents to stop Obamacare in its socialist tracks, is being hunted down by a group of nurses calling itself “The Michigan Nurses Association. Whenever I see a group with the funding and voice of the “mainstream” media behind them, I ask myself, who are they and who is funding them? First, lets address who they are. The loudest member of this group, Dawn Kettinger (Google her name), and the National Organization For Women And The “Republican” War On Women pops up. That in and of itself shows exactly what type of liberal Congressman Benishek is up against. While there are nurses who think murdering babies in the womb is acceptable, we now know that the majority of Americans don’t agree with abortion. Ms. Kettinger has obviously forgotten or perhaps never took her Nurse’s pledge seriously. She ought to reconsider the oath she took upon completion of her nursing studies, the Nightingale Pledge. She won’t of course, because as a modern-day “progressive” – she is really a radical.

Michigan has had some seriously tough times due to Democrats’ governance; they raped the State of everything they could and left it in socio-economic tatters. The people of Michigan had finally had more than enough of the Democrat “way” and elected Republicans to lead them back from the final precipice of disaster. Now we see this leftist Nurses’ Association attempting to distort Congressman Benishek’s record. It also shows that the Democrats will do anything to get back into power. Ms. Kettinger, working hard for the Democrats, as is shown by a search on Michigan Nurses Association, the links…wait for it, you know, that’s right UNIONS. The people of Michigan have certainly seen their share of Democrats raping their state with the help of unions. Behind every Democrat candidate is a union pushing for more largesse and control of the economy and the people. This effort by the Michigan State Nurses Association, acting on behalf of Dr. Benishek’s opponent, Gary McDowell, is not any different. Democrat Gary McDowell represents the reason why Michigan has been losing jobs and suffers from the effects of fiscal mismanagement long part of the union/Democrat partnership. Union pensions come at a huge cost to the populace and are why so many cities have to declare bankruptcy. Ms. Kettinger is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, doing the bidding of unions in order to scam the people.

We should be reminded of Margaret Thatcher’s words, “‘The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money’.”

I am not anti-union, but I am against government unions. Once in a public-sector job “workers” (communist term) are set for life – great job, awesome benefits, and 9 times out of 10, they can’t be fired. Collective bargaining keeps the gravy train going at the expense of the people. Over 80% of their fellow Americans enjoy no such lavish benefits in life – the 80% have to work until their late 60’s or even into their 70s. Why should We the People have to fund the whims of one party, bought and paid for by the unions, at the expense of the well-being of our cities and communities?

I digress; let’s focus on exactly what type of people this so called “independent” group supports. A quick Google search indeed shows what we already knew, they support “Democrats” or as they are all quick to label themselves nowadays, “progressives.” I believe the people of Michigan are traditional Americans and as such they need to know who exactly is trying to usurp a man of the people. Congressman Benishek is a man who gave up his life’s work to stop the insanity that is going to crush our children and grandchildren in back-breaking servitude to the federal government. They will be the ones who will pay the price for the egotistical rantings of a Democrat Party who long ago gave up the individual for the “collective.” They are not your parents’ Democrats. There is not one left who believes as JFK did, that you ask what you can do for your country, not what it can do for you.

When I say they are raping your State and our Country, they are taking everything that you ever thought of as being an American and turning it upside down for their own power. You might think the word “rape” is hyperbole, but the truth is rapist’s are not about the sex, they are about the power. I do believe the Democrat Party has shown what they will do to get and retain power. They would sell their childrens’ and grandchildrens’ futures for a moment in the proverbial sun. It is their own selfish sickness that is killing America, and it is our job as Americans to make sure they are stopped in their tracks.

Ms. Kettinger, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, is backed by the progressivism of the radical feminists and leftist unions. This is who Democrat Gary McDowell turns to – his union friends and radical feminist supporters. Dr. Benishek represents what is good and decent about America, and believes in We the People. In 2010, we sent him to Congress to begin the long road back from the edge of the abyss, where we found ourselves thanks to Democrats like McDowell and Kettinger…don’t be fooled or misled by their lies.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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  1. You can judge a man by who his enemies are. Dr Dan made himself a target of some of the worst creeps in America – unions (and I make no distinction between government and non-government) and abortionists (murderers).

  1. You can judge a man by who his enemies are. Dr Dan made himself a target of some of the worst creeps in America – unions (and I make no distinction between government and non-government) and abortionists (murderers).

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