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Is Your State Electing Above Or Below Average Republicans To The US House?

With less than 100 days to go until the election, it’s a good time to take stock of the current Republican House Representatives. By using the Heritage Action Score Card website, we can see that the House Republican average score is only 66%. This is seven points lower than the Senate Republican average score of 73%. This is what EPU has been writing about with respect to the 2010 elections. So many of the tea party supported members elected to the House were co-opted by the Republican establishment, but the tea party supported candidates elected to the Senate stayed true to conservatism.

The scores were calculated using only states who have elected five or more Republican representatives. In working up these calculations I discovered that perception is NOT reality when the votes, and not the rhetoric, is examined. The perception is that only the south has elected conservative Republican representatives. The reality: Wisconsin, Michigan, and California have elected more conservative Republicans than Alabama and Virginia.

It is important for us to take the long view about this subject. While there may be little we can do immediately to change things for the 2012 election, you can still become an active member of your state GOP as a precinct committeeman and begin to participate in the process. This is especially true if you live in a below average state. This is also true if you live in Colorado or Minnesota where you can potentially elect five or more Republicans to the House. Don’t get discouraged with how much time it takes to elect constitutional conservatives. Just remain active and we will succeed.

    States that elected above average GOP to the House

  1. South Carolina House GOP average score 94%
  2. Arizona House GOP average score 91%
  3. Georgia House GOP average score 84%
  4. Indiana House GOP average score 78%
  5. Texas House GOP average score 73%
  6. Tennessee House GOP average score 71%
  7. Louisiana House GOP average score 70%
  8. Wisconsin House GOP average score 70%
  9. Florida House GOP average score 69%
  10. Michigan House GOP average score 68%
  11. North Carolina House GOP average score 68%

    States that elected below average GOP to the House

  1. New York House GOP average score 49%
  2. Pennsylvania House GOP average score 51%
  3. New Jersey House GOP average score 52%
  4. Alabama House GOP average score 57%
  5. Illinois House GOP average score 60%
  6. Virginia House GOP average score 61%
  7. Ohio House GOP average score 61%
  8. Missouri House GOP average score 63%
  9. California House GOP average score 65%
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Mike gamecock DeVine

Good report Pil’. Once Speaker Boehner ruled out a government shutdown, he relegated the one bastion of GOP power to merely stopping an expansion of the far left agenda the super-majority Dems enacted in the first two years of Obama, and they didn’t succeed even at that. Hence many tea partier members were “trapped” with the argument of “being responsible” in “governing”. In the Senate it was easier to cast higher scoring conservative nay votes, but even in the Senate, we mightn’t we also have expected some risky filibusters? I think so. Hopefully we will have all the power in… Read more »


You know Virginia has a problem w/putting out liberal Republicans to keep that defense spending going, WE NEED TO FIX THAT!  I am hoping to get the TEA Party down here to find someone to run up against the whiny, liberal SOB Cantor.

Larry Eastbay

Frankly I’m not surprised at the California GOP rating. In those few precincts/districts where a Republican CAN win there is still not a lot of Conservative go-getters.
In all other areas just having a GOP bumper sticker can get your car trashed.

E Pluribus Unum

Yep.  Perceptions, reputations, they often rest on truths and trends that were operative a generation ago. It’s a good thing to look at the here and now, and adapt our steps and strategies to the war we have and the soldiers we have.

South Carolina sure does my heart good. That crop of freshmen came to do battle, Boehner’s little machinations be damned.