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Hollywood Takes America On A Bestiality Trip Next

It is Hollywood, and the extreme progressive ideology that moves it, who has given us an America unrecognizable from the moral America that lasted (for the most part), until the 1950s. From the 50s onward, Hollywood decided to sell America on “free” sex with someone other than your spouse, and it has been a downward slide ever since. They say Hollywood only reflects society, I say society reflects Hollywood. Whatever they are selling to the masses suddenly becomes the next great thing that everyone has to do or buy. They have presented women as sluts, whores and bitches on the public screen, and then they sit in their chairs thinking of the next decadent image they can push on the public. Men are now presented as silly weak caricatures of manhood, appearing as immaterial, wimpy and unnecessary to society. Then Hollywood went to work on the children, making them into sexualized objects, ready to be preyed upon. This last one is not difficult to understand considering all the pedophiles in Hollywood. That’s right, Hollywood is filled to the rafters with pedophiles and no one has looked into the very real allegations of child rape that have been exposed And Quietly Swept Under The Carpet.

We got the whole “gay marriage” push for “equality” from Hollywood, it didn’t start in the heartland of America, it was shoved on us by our boob tubes. So, as with all things that emanates out of the sickly void of soullessness that is Hollywood, we are now getting the slippery slope of bestiality. You might laugh and believe that it is impossible for Hollywood or the immoral people who work there would consider such a thing, but don’t be naive. You need to consider that “gay marriage” would never have been front and center in 2012, as say the 90s, when Bill Clinton signed the Defense Of Marriage Act. We The People were told that gays only wanted “civil rights” – that their partners be allowed contractual rights to visit them in hospitals and to leave their earthly possessions to them without their parents or siblings fighting their “significant others.” Now look how far we have slipped from those carefree days – we’ve been suckered yet again by the Hollywood left. There is a sickness in America and its foul evil fills the air of our TVs from people on the coasts of America, who think if they make the immoral/moral they can break us from the inside/out. Why wouldn’t they take it another step? They enjoy the game of destroying us and so It Begins

You can laugh and say it’s just a joke, but through a war of inches, Hollywood continues its assault to define deviancy down and to normalize destructive behavior. Humor is an excellent way to get us used to and to take the shock value out of something hideous and immoral.

If you don’t think there’s an agenda behind this, you haven’t been paying attention the last 40 years. And if you don’t think that there are those who hold the levers of power in our popular culture that would like to remove the stigma from bestiality, you don’t understand the depths of sexual depravity the human animal is capable of.

I used to laugh at loud at the term “slippery slope.”

Then I grew up.

I too grew up, and unfortunately, so did my children, way to soon due to the influence of pederasts in Hollywood, New York And Washington, DC, of which I heard recently Harry Reid was one, which might explain the Democrats and Obama allowing bestiality in the Military.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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