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The Bank Of Washington And “Green” Cronies

So we have an email out from the CEO of Solyndra in which he is encouraging others in his “company” to grab some more of that green money from the Bank of Washington. It isn’t shocking, but it is sickening. When Barack Obama speaks about Republicans wanting Down’s children “fending” for themselves or tells lies about them taking away the mortgage tax deduction as he did today, what he is saying is, give him more, because he has buddies to pay off. I was told by Ronald Reagan in the 80s during the Savings and Loans bailout that America would never again bail out anyone. We bailed out banks, car companies and gave 60B dollars to friends of Obama, hell he has beaten friends of Anthony Mozilo in giving away freebies while raping the tax payer. Barack Obama and the Democrats need more money the way a crack addict need more crack, they cannot stop themselves from giving away to millionaires and billionaires who fund their campaigns our hard earned tax dollars and 40 cents of every dollar from other countries.

This is the clarion call to America to throw out this supposed agent of “change”, he didn’t change a damn thing, he ramped up Chicago style politics on the entirety of the country. We The People do not like that thuggish behavior across our great land, we expect and demand that our politicians STOP THE SPENDING

The email bolsters GOP claims that Obama’s support of green-tech companies amounted to “crony capitalism.”

Several White House officials had close ties to green-tech companies, and many green-tech executives have donated to Obama’s political campaigns.

The company received numerous benefits from the Obama administration, which allocated roughly $60 billion to spur a variety of green-tech companies, including Solyndra.

Numerous companies have since collapsed, including Solyndra, costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

For example, taxpayers’ funds given to Nevada Geothermal Power also will pay off private-sector debts, said Issa. “All of the money they got… was to pay off existing private investment, serving no purpose to the taxpayer or the enterprise,” he said.

The Nevada company received $98 million worth of government loan-guarantees, which will pay off commercial creditors if the troubled company’s downward slide continues. That company was lauded by Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, the Democrats’ leader in the Senate, as “the Saudi Arabia of geothermal energy.”

Obama has defended his high-risk spending strategy (learn more here), saying on numerous occasions that it is needed to help the nation shift from the use of oil and gasoline.

500M dollars lost, Americans put behind George Kaiser the billionaire upon the collapse in getting our dollars back. Mr. Kaiser will of course throw those millions upon millions that he gained in this deal on Obama’s re-election campaign, because that is how Chicago style politics work, I scratch your back and you scratch mine. I laugh when I think of all the college students who fell under the spell of “change and hope” have been shown politics at its worse. You have power and money mixing in disgusting and anti-American values ways that haven’t been seen since Tammany Hall and those were Democrats to. What Democrats and liberal Republicans have done is put the boot of the government on our children and grand-children’s throats for decades to come, to pay for their egotistical power hungry grabs for posterity. They will be remembered but with disgust, not with the legacy they think they will have.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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