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Take Care of Business, Mr. Businessman

First, our condolences and commiseration, business community, on your misfortune as exemplified by the unsuccessful lawsuit in NFIB vs. Sebelius.  You lost and America lost.  We have heard some rumblings that you have not given up the fight in this and other matters of onerous, boot-on-the-neck government intrusion and you can count on the fact that neither have we.

We write today to urge you to persevere in the face of adversity, taking heart and inspiration from the other pertinent Supreme Court ruling on freedom issued two years ago in the Citizens United case, and also in the recent swelling of support for  freedom swirling around the Dan Cathy/ Chick-fil-A  affair.

As you know, Citizens reaffirmed the notion that corporations are people, too, which has always been the case, no matter how much the Progressive Statists have tried to rewrite history and ignore the definitions of words and the composition of corporations.  In that vein, we would urge business people to keep their options open in the matter of exercising their constitutional prerogatives to assert freedoms of all kinds – from speech, to religious and political belief, to the sacred concept of private property and the use and benefit thereof in these United States.

In the Dan Cathy matter, the fact that even liberals are wagging their fingers at the tyrants and would-be tyrants trying to tear down Cathy’s business should remind us that freedom of conscience is also deeply embedded in our constitution, and ingrained in all the other freedoms.  The right to one’s opinion and personal belief, however politically incorrect, however frowned upon by the bleeding-heart liberals, however offensive to those who want a dependent, ruled, acquiescent citizenry, is nevertheless sacrosanct.

Therefore, we would hope that Business would from time to time, consistent with its interests, find its voice in support of other notions of freedom of belief, opinion and conviction and the freedom to not have to suppress expression of those things in the conduct of either its private or public affairs.

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For example, it should not be incumbent on independent businesses, whether corporations or partnerships or proprietorships,  to “embrace” such esoteric, exotic  and even simply aesthetic concepts or movements as “environmentalism”, “multiculturalism”, “affirmative action” or any other “social justice” issue in order to avoid  the wrath of elected public officials or the bureaucracies charged with regulating the conduct of business.  Or to obtain contracts or do business with the US Government, or State or Local government. Nor should they be cowed into silence on matters of conscience.

It is only incumbent on business to obey the laws.  One does not have to swear a loyalty oath to the United States or its Government in order to conduct business in the US, and one should not have to issue company philosophy statements or take out advertisements supporting the “Green”movement or the  “gay” movement or any other movement, or popular fad, or political or social initiative in order to have the same legal and harassment-free respect that one’s fellow citizens not in business have  …….are supposed to have.

In short, while you may not have the right to discriminate  against minorities, protected classes, etc. because of who THEY are or what THEIR beliefs are, in matters of employment or commerce, other things being equal, neither does any government bureau or official or legislative body have the right to discriminate against you because of who YOU are or what YOUR beliefs are, and most  certainly the Congress of the United States, and the other branches of government, are charged with not letting that happen.  Again, you are people, too.

This is so fundamental, we might also say foundational,  one wouldn’t think it needs to be said, but the point here is that it not only needs to be stated, it needs to be asserted.  Should you continue to do so, you will have the thanks of a grateful nation.  Because, in matters of conscience, of freedom, and of liberty, your business is also our business.



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