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The Case for Federal Schools



Never mind that the Constitution says absolutely nothing about education.  Never mind that there are clauses and amendments contained therein that make it abundantly clear the federal government has absolutely no role or say in public education in the United States, except perhaps to condone and admire it, that it is a prerogative reserved to the States and to the People.  A point  has been reached where the federal government must step in and take over the public schools in America.  As President Barack Obama so eloquently states in those matters related to health care in the United States, a subject also not mentioned in the Constitution, it’s simply “the right thing to do.”

The reason we must bring public education into the 21st Century and federalize it, along with other aspects of our daily lives, is that the schools have become so overburdened and are so lacking in the necessary support and resources that they cannot cope.

They have been mandated to Leave No Child Behind, to stand guard over the Wall of Separation between Church and State, to institute programs and protocols designed to keep medical information about students from being divulged to parents, and to insure that children consume only the precise amount of calories, protein, sugar and carbohydrates as prescribed by the Ministry of Children’s Diet, and  many more things. So that members of the NEA and the State Teachers Unions, school nurses and guidance counselors are suffering from fatigue and nervous breakdowns and the budgets of local school districts and governmental units are strained to the max to keep enough administrative and support personnel on board and on call to address all of the social concerns foisted upon them by……somebody.

Have you heard the latest?  No, not the “anti-bullying” programs and reporting requirements associated with it.  Sheesh!  That’s soooo old news.   Been there, doing that;  like passing out condoms and arranging for abortions and making sure the Prom can have two queens.  No, the latest is ADV.  Not ADD – that  scourge is old hat by now.  No, it’s ADV, or Adolescent Dating Violence.  I know, I know.  The famous Internet emoticon of the guy banging his head against the wall leaps immediately to mind.  But this is reality folks.

A recent study by Ball State University shows that most middle and high schools are unprepared regarding teen dating violence.

The study, led by BSU professor Jagdish Khubchandani, was conducted by sending out a questionnaire to school counselors and students nationwide.

The results showed that only 10 percent of school counselors had received training in assisting adolescent dating violence, or ADV.

And we weep and wail and moan and cry out to the powers that would be “Why, oh why are our middle schools and high schools not prepared for ……… teen dating violence?”

Now, we’re not going to pursue the subject of ADV to the ends of the Earth in this article. It is what it is…..isn’t it? But when we are told that “only 10 percent of school counselors had received training in assisting (and we pray that assisting is a typo) adolescent dating violence,  we can’t help but assemble in our minds the myriad of other physical, mental, psychological and social disorders related to the maturation process and wonder what the percentage of school counselors is that are trained to deal with all the rest of life’s little pecadillos. It must be a very, very small number.

There are probably a few of you out there who remember a time, back when Johnny could read, that school guidance counselors’ duties entailed assisting students in taking classes to prepare them for college or vocations, in encouraging their scholastic progress and so forth. As an afterthought, or maybe with it always in mind if they cared about the kids, they might have slipped in a little friendly “keep your nose clean, kid” or something like that.  And you know who used to be ‘prepared for teen dating violence’?  The girl’s father. Or the boy’s father.

Indeed, those were different times. And trends and social and political movements being what they are, and that dratted “Progress” thing, everything is everybody’s business these days, including the Federal Government’s business, as the Dear Leader and his minions remind us almost hourly. These days, even the other two branches of government offer seconding remarks to that.

Local schools just can’t do it all, anymore. They can’t even feed the kiddies a quick hot lunch in between fourth and fifth periods without a Federal Program. And now with all the child-rearing responsibilities being shifted from parents, or those new-fangled ‘partnering’ relationships you’ve heard about,  to the New Age trend towards “off to school at age two, finally matriculating at 26”,  with pre-school, Head Start, Heads Up, pre-preschool, after school, summer lunch programs, winter breakfast programs, infant care and Planning for No Parenthood accommodations, it’s just too much.  There is barely enough time and wherewithal these days to squeeze in the requisite multicultural and diversity curricula, which themselves have to play second fiddle to environmental training and conditioning.

It makes  no sense to continue to have a local tax rate for schools, and to pay state taxes to fund a State Department of Education, with it’s superintendent and staff,  when the federal government insinuates itself, through it’s  federal funding and granting and matching programs , with the accompanying mandates, into every aspect of public education that the State governments are derelict or inattentive to, or that the State governments relinquish or that the People fail to assert. It costs us too much money to pay all these different entities to teach the children……what they need to know…plus pay school board members to sit there and rubber stamp federal mandates and endorse University researchers’ seminal discoveries and recommendations on things like…..Adolescent…..Dating…………whatever.

There is absolutely no reason the Federal Government cannot see it’s way clear to taking over the running of public schools and to marshall all it’s federal might to tackle the social ills, (and there will be more, and more, and more, and more identified for you as time passes) plaguing our school administrators. In fact, very soon now, those administrators will be begging for help, so loudly that the citizenry will probably be moved to respond to the ABCNews/WashingtonPost polls favorably to the question “Is this an idea whose time has come?”  It’s called a conditioned response.  See, there was this Pavlov guy …….

Come on people, it’s time. This way, there will be no need in the future for ‘re-education camps’, because the Federal Government will do it right the first time.

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