“I Built This” – Business owners fight back


Even in context, Obama’s “You didn’t build it” line to fawning leftists in Virginia is a horrible opening into the soulless ideology of our most liberal President ever. No acknowledgement at all of the hard work, sweat, and hours most of America’s entrepreneurs put in to become successful. None. They owe it all to the largess of their government betters.

As if the roads they travel to work and back were gifts from government, not the taxpayer-funded, pothole-strewn ribbons of asphalt they really are. As if the police and firefighters who protect them do so of the largess of government, not because those same people pay taxes to have them there. Business people got together and decided to pool their money in the form of taxes to have those things. It wasn’t a grant from Obama or his leftists predecessors, it was a necessary evil that Barry and his ideological soul mates have turned to evil to further their own political ambitions.

Needless to say, the people who actually have created jobs in this country (hint: it’s not people like B. Hussein Obama who spend their lives trashing the system when it works, and lauding it when it doesn’t) are thoroughly pissed off, and most aren’t very appreciative at being trashed by Obama in his remarks.

They’re hitting back.


Hey, Barry? My boss built this business. Jerk.

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Erick Brockway
Work seven days a week at two jobs, a newly RETIRED EO1 (E6) in the Navy Reserves (Seabees), blog when I can from cellphone and computer. @erickbrockway #catcot #tcot

Currently living in Camarillo, CA, about 45 miles North of LA. I have a wife (20+ years) son, and two daughters.

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E Pluribus Unum
July 22, 2012 9:58 pm

That little section of that speech, which was by no means a blunder or gaffe, is going to be the biggest thing that gets him beat.  Unless, of course, he says something even more offensive in the next few months.  The fact that he THOUGHT that was a very clever line of argument, and the fact that nobody in his chain of command saw that beforehand and said “whoa whoa whoa, that won’t work, pal”, speaks directly to whoever it was that said “he doesn’t know how to be an American. I want to say that was Newt Gingrich. Either… Read more »

July 22, 2012 10:55 pm

The haughtiness, arrogance, cheek and gall of this man are reflected in every member of his cabinet.  The prime example is Holder, but if you look at speeches and statements and press releases by the rest of them, you find it there, too, to say nothing of their official acts and rulings.

BTW, Mr. Brockway, nice rig.  Is that a sleeper cab?  You told us you NEVER sleep!  🙂

July 23, 2012 4:11 am

Obama got so caught up in his trying to make victims out of his audience, he got carried away and revealed his incredible anger and envy.  That’s what’s going on here.  Did you note how he dwelt on the “smart” people aspect, inferring that people have no right to even think they’re smarter than all these poor victims out there.  Of course, he doesn’t talk about free will, and choices people make in their lives.