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What a Patriot Looks Like

Are people like James O’Keefe necessary?  Whether or not, they certainly do arouse the wrath of outfits like Media Matters.We’ll leave it to the readers to decide if what people like James O’Keefe, Hannah Giles, not to mention the late Andrew Breitbart, do are worthwhile.  At your leisure, go to both links above and ask yourself if Media Matters did not do exactly the same thing they accuse O’Keefe of doing – deceptive editing.

While you’re deciding, though, we pose this question – Just who is it that’s supposed to be watching how our tax dollars are spent, whose hands they pass through and whether there is any observable good result of their being appropriated and dished out in the first place?  Is it the 110th Congress?  Nope; that one has expired.  Is it the 111th?  Nope; that Congress doesn’t exist, either, and it doesn’t matter if they’re the ones who passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act –  those guys are history, too.  We’re up to the 112th now.

And it doesn’t even matter whether O’Keefe’s videos were “deceptively edited” or not.  What matters is that after the President of the United States admitted on June 13, 2011, right in the middle of the 112th Congress, of his own volition and in a  recorded, un-edited, candid statement, that the shovel-ready projects he and his administration touted were in actuality not shovel ready, absolutely nothing was done by the Congress of the United States to investigate the basis for the President’s statement, to trace the funds, to recover them if fraudulently administered or received, or to inform the public that their hard-earned tax ….contributions…..had been misspent.  What?  You were waiting for the Justice Department to step in?

That’s the real outrage here.  The further outrage is that  there are people in Congress, in the media, in business, in the public realm in general who know that the scenarios presented by O’Keefe do not miss the mark by much, if at all.  And straining for a sound, we hear crickets.

Just as in the case of Breitbart, who used the Shirley Sherrod video to tell a larger story, one still not fully examined by our vaunted 112th Congress, about waste, fraud, abuse and stealth reparations schemes involving the US Department of Agriculture and the Department of Justice.

Is the patriot the guy who says “Keep electing me and my buds to Congress until we get a majority, at which time we promise not to pass any more bogus “stimulus” acts”?  Or is it the crusading nouveau journalist/activist who risks humiliation, physical retaliation (union thugs are real – that’s on video, too) and sometimes prosecution by the Feds, as in the case of the Mary Landrieu incident, to inform the American people that nobody’s watching the till, or there’s shenanigans going on on federal property.

From the ACORN scandal, to Medicaid fraud, to voter fraud (remember “Hi!  Do you have an Eric Holder on the list?”) to this latest “BS jobs” revelation, we might have suspected, might have known in our heart-of-hearts that palms were getting greased,  fraud was being committed and criminal activity was being aided, abetted and condoned, but all we had to go on was gut instinct.  Somebody had to go out and get the goods for us, because the Oversight Function of Congress is dysfunctional.  Some may excuse that by saying with a $3trillion budget, you can’t keep track of every penny.  Others might say, ‘there is none so blind as those who will not see.”

The outrages committed by government bureaucrats and administrators and the communists, thugs and con men who prop them up are so without sanction, so without accountability, so overlooked and dismissed, that they evolve into outright, in- full- public- view abominations such as the disclosure only yesterday that the USDA is working with the government of Mexico to encourage and promote the aquisition of food stamps by Mexican nationals living in the United States, whether here legally or illegally.  The Ethiopians should sue.

And somebody wants to argue over the tactics, the ethicality, the methods used by the O’Keefe’s of the world?  Hear this: He, as did Breitbart, the entrepreneurial crusading journalist and activist before him, is doing the work those who raise their hands and swear an oath won’t do, who their very own selves are taking our tax money in supposed return for something.  Are we getting what we paid for?  Do they look like patriots to you? Maybe they ought to be given shovels.

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