Mitt Romney wows Bowling Green Ohio with a knock out rally


Featured image courtesy of the RNC.

The sleepy university town of  Bowling Green Ohio, where during the school year the students outnumber the residents, was awakened this afternoon by a mighty roar. And that “mighty roar” came from presumptive Republican candidate Governor Mitt Romney.

I had the privilege of attending this rally at the Bowling Green Community Center to a standing room only crowd and all pictures here are my own. Ohio Governor John Kasich introduced Governor Romney and they received standing ovations with the roar of the crowd:

Governor Romney then took center stage where he outlined what he considered the five most important priorities he would undertake

when I become the next President of the United States.

They are:

  • making the U.S. energy independent by making use of our own resources in America, including drilling for oil and mining for coal
  • working on a more equal trade partnership with other countries
  • balance the budget
  • get teachers’ unions behind us, and students ahead
  • restoring economic freedom by making the business environment more friendly

He was relaxed, fired up and worked the crowd easily. This is an impressive man who has turned into a real fireball:

We saw a dramatic change in Romney’s campaigning this day, as he vowed to take on Obama’s “you didn’t make that business” remark. My favorite poster at the rally was the one below:

Romney knocked it out of the ball park today. For those wishing to hear his entire speech and the question & answer period afterwards, Right Scoop has it.  

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Deplorable Reagan Conservative. Pro-life, pro 2A. Waiting for Obama's "legacy" to be undone.

Twitter: @LadyImpactOhio

"We the People tell government what to do. It does not tell us."__Ronald Reagan in his farewell speech.
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Deplorable Reagan Conservative. Pro-life, pro 2A. Waiting for Obama's "legacy" to be undone. Twitter: @LadyImpactOhio "We the People tell government what to do. It does not tell us."__Ronald Reagan in his farewell speech.

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July 18, 2012 9:09 pm

The Wright Brothers pic is one of the best examples of Obama’s complete inability to tune in to America.  He is simply on kilter enough to be able to appeal to the “”we all should have equal stuff” sentiment, but off kilter enough to not be able to relate to the founding principles or what made America great, except to spout off-kilter platitudes.  He is just…

Queen Hotchibobo
Queen Hotchibobo
July 18, 2012 10:15 pm

I am so glad Romney is fighting back.  This is such a huge change from McCain’s weak responses in 2008.  Romney seems to recognize that our entire future now rests on whether or not he can knock Jug Ears out of the WH.

July 19, 2012 7:07 am

Interestingly, LIO, Obama is relying on media to make his case. Live, in front of audiences, Romney is chewing him up and spitting him out.  If he keeps this up, Obama will come undone by the end of summer.

July 19, 2012 7:19 am

I’ve been delighted how strong Romney has been in his personal appearances.  The wonderful thing is “right” and “goodness” are on his side, something that the Left, the media and Obama himself cannot destroy.  It will become more apparent with each passing day. 

Great that you got to be there to witness this in person.  Romney will grow on us, as people catch a glimpse of what a president should be and how they should act…supportive and respectful of the American people. 

July 19, 2012 7:42 am

I guess the idiots of today, yes Obama and his lapdog media neglect to remember history beause Henry Ford built the car (HIS BUSINESS) before there was a damn road in sight.  What came next is TAXES on the business owners and all Americans to build the roads!

E Pluribus Unum
July 21, 2012 10:23 pm

It’s great to see the Mittster willing to throw a pitch high and inside.  It is a fantastic formula for electoral success, but just try telling that to political consultants.

Keep it up, Mitt! Love it!