College professors take salary cuts to lower tuition?

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Not. Why not just increase student loans, keep tuition high, blame Republicans for not caring about the poor and middle class priced out of an education because they won’t increase student loans even more, and keep the high salaries for the Democrats in academia?

File the above with other headlines you never see, such as:

  • Labor unions voluntarily reduce pay to save company
  • Government employees voluntarily increase their contributions to pension fund to prevent tax increase
  • Teachers voluntarily agree to end tenure and adopt merit pay plan
  • Democrats agree to cut non-defense spending

Democrats constantly demonize “Big Oil”, “Big Pharmaceutical” and Big Business in general and tilt at other faux man-made global warming aka “climate change” windmills such as Republicans as racist, bigot, homophobes that want widows and orphans to starve in the streets rather than prove they “care” by supporting the latest Democrat-sponsored bill. And we fully expect September or October surprises that would “bail out” Sallie Mae and debt-burdened students much like Dodd-Frank bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and let them continue their business and serve as employment agency for rejected and retiring Democrat pols.

Could we please, finally, hold Democrats accountable for the failure of their policies?

How many more cities and states run by Democrats for decades have to reach the Detroit stage of a return of city limits territory to pasture status before voters will quote Sheriff Andy Griffith’s deputy Barney Fife and say fool me for decades, shame on me; and join the tea partier reversal that began with the 2010 election landslide for conservatives?

Democratic Party land use restriction and faux anti-redlining policies fueled Big Housing that burst all over us with The Great Recession and a recovery only for Big Banks on paper that were bailed out by a TARP that President Barack Obama touts as “saving us from the abyss”? Saved? With unemployment over 8% for a record 40+ months and counting? Yes, President George W. Bush and the republicans were unable or insufficiently willing to stanch the lower credit standards and dissemination of mortgage-backed securities, but it was the super-majority Hope and Change Democrat Congress and their President Obama that passed laws and promulgated regulations in 2009-10, AFTER the bubble burst, that doubles down on race-based loan preferences. Translation: Democrats favor continuing the same policies that brought us the economic crisis and downturn we still labor under.

It is the Democrats that are the party of government that devised anti-FDR government employee unions that are funded via wage withholding and which then fund Democrats’ election campaigns. It is such unions’ pension plans that are bankrupting cities and states that prompted the Governor Scott Walker-led revolt in the original “progressive’ state against those policies. Big Union turns out to be more lethal to Liberty-based happiness pursuits than Big Business? Obviously.

The Greed of Big Education and the mob that is the Democratic Party

And then there is their Big Education funding scheme brought to light by the explosion in recent years of college tuition. The bleeding hearts just never seem to be willing to bleed their own wallets to help the needy student, do they? They look to bleed the rest of us as they maintain tenure that long ago ceased to be a force for independent thought, and high salaries fueled by continuing government largess in the form of a government monopoly over student loans that gins up the price of tuition under the radar.

I urged students at Kennesaw State University protesting Republicans in the Georgia legislature a few years ago, to focus their anger against those in the Ivory Tower making exorbitant salaries for teaching courses titled “studies” to take pay cuts commensurate with the blood flowing from their hearts. Crickets…

The mob of disparate Democratic Party factions that divide Americans by race, class and “orientations” for no unifying general welfare economic purpose, but rather only to keep the race, environmentalist, and pro-abortion factions of their party happy; will either be seen as such and stopped in their budget busting and middle class-destroying tracks soon, or we can kiss the exceptional America we grew up in goodbye.

I suspect college tuition would see a precipitous drop when the “Decline and Fall of American Empire studies” course makes its debut. Meanwhile, watch out for Jim Crow and the racist demand that one show a photo ID to vote. The America that self-loathing voters for Democrats wrought will either continue the march towards the Greek cliff or we will change course with Mitt Romney and another GOP 2010-like landslide.

This gamecock is praying and working for the latter from his Stone Mountain of Georgia roost.

Mike DeVine

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Atlanta Law & Politics columnist –

Editor of  Hillbilly Politics and Co-Founder and Editor of Political Daily

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2 responses to College professors take salary cuts to lower tuition?

  1. Vbushmills July 15th, 2012 at 3:07 pm

    To be King for a month, eh, GC? And I’d start by puttting  the “service” back into public service, and taking those college profs out of those Beamers and Volvos and put them back into tweeds and ’77 Datsun. Humility, yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. Mikedevinelaw July 16th, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    Amen VB

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