Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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When Will Obama Stop Beating The Horse & Filling The Wagon

I heard this brilliant analogy this morning about how Obama with his attacks on the “rich” you know the job creators (the horse) and his Democrat cronies making it easier for more people to get on government benefits (the wagon), that we are coming quite quickly to a standstill. The horse is bleeding and the wagon is near full. I deplore people who attack anyone who calls this President a socialist, for goodness sakes, it is apparent as the nose on his face. When you take over large corporations and have banks indebted to you in a way where you are surely running them with your federal chairman as if he were the CEO, at the very least it is socialism but to me it is much more, it is Marxism. Barack Hussein Obama was raised a Marxist by his mother and her friends. He sat in the pew of a church of a black liberation theology “minister” and if you look it up you will find its teachings are Marxist in nature.

The time has come to wake the rest of our fellow citizens up to the ideology of this President and it becomes easier each day. I continuously call for a 61-39 beating at the ballot box because I know there are more AMERICANS who want an America that is prosperous and free not attached to the hip to the federal government. I have seen many, many Americans change their minds about the myth of “hope” and “change”. I know you hear each day about polls where they are “tied” and yet they over sample Democrats by 10, so reality is this Marxist will be fired and fired big. It is quite easy to get depressed but know that the horse is beaten so bad now it is bleeding and can no longer pull the cart, the cart is at its stop. I believe that Mitt Romney will win because he will stop the march off the cliff of that wagon and We The People will be the “deciders” from this day forward.

I want a march on Washington on April 15th of next year when the Republicans have all to make sure they get the message that Americans want change, real definable change. No more EPA, no more Department of Education, no more taking money out of our pockets State by State to circulate through Washington insiders and cronies and then spit it back out to us. No this new America will go old school and stop the spending insanity and give back to the States that which is their prevue. No more PBS, NPR, no more tax dollars to Planned Parenthood that a majority of Americans do not agree with. No more ethanol subsidies, no more millionaire farm subsidies, hell I am calling for a flat tax, which makes sure that Americans of any tax bracket should not ever shell out a dime to someone else to do their taxes. Reform is needed in Washington DC and the above will certainly be a good start for the Republicans of whom we will bless with it all ONE LAST TIME. I encourage them to learn well that what we want, we will have or we will fire their lazy, lobbyist American hating selves from the power they seek at every turn.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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