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Dear NASCAR: We regret to inform you………

See, I told you so.


If y’all ain’t a-figgered it out, this heah Eeeeevil Jooooooooooo am beein’ a big ‘ol fan of “Go Fast, Make A Left, Repeat”.

‘My’ driver ?

Jamie Mac.

You may have seen him in this car, finishing 16th the other evening at Daytona in the ‘summer race’:

Quite the nice rear quarterpanel sponsor eh ? 😀


So then, to refresh your memory, on May 22nd of this year (that’s 2012 for those of you in Rio Linda), I posted the following quite long column at Israel Survival Updates:

Boogidee boogidee boogidee……… Let’s accept a ‘nudge’ into oblivion boys !

In that column, I delved into the morass of mortal peril NASCAR is in. If you need to run through it again, please do.

I’ll wait.

……… Insert horrific ‘music-on-hold’ tunes here.


Great, your back.

Ready ?

You sure ?





We regret to inform you that since you’re solely concerned with being a typically bitter and clinging sport, the United States Military is pulling it’s sponsorships and all participation across the board.


El Guapo
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 0U812


Think I’m kidding ?

Courtesy of Jayski.com, the following is presented verbatim from a Stewart-Haas Racing press release (enhanced text my doing):


US Army pulls a full-scale retreat from NASCAR.

The U.S. Army has decided not to renew its sponsorship with Stewart-Haas Racing (SHR) in 2013 as a primary sponsor of the #39 Chevy driven by Ryan Newman due to a reallocation of its marketing budget that will not include a presence in NASCAR.






See, I told you so.


Now then, no more snark.

No more biting sarcasm.

I told people long ago this was coming, not just back in May.

I was called crazy, a hater, a racist, etc. I was sacked from participating in a NASCAR driver’s support forum for even hinting the idea that this was coming – and showing what (little) proof there was at the time that indeed it was on the event horizon.

Now, it’s here.

The next step for the administration will be – not may be – will be announcing the other military branches ending NASCAR sponsorships ‘due to budget constraints’ then ‘the big one’……… Orders will come straight from the top barring any military units and/or military personnel from actively participating in any NASCAR event, including color guard, flag ceremonies, fly-overs, etc. – and it will be a courts-martial offense if the regulations are violated.

Once again, this entire administration’s modus operandi has absolutely NOTHING to do with money and everything to do with command and control, the destruction of every single blessed uniquely American thing, along with demonizing all positive projecting patriotism and defending the flag over adherence to a Totalitarian state and literal worship of it’s leader(s).


Wake up and tool up.

It’s coming.

You know.



Kenny Solomon
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10…… 9…… 8…… 7…………
Tool up…… It’s coming…… You know…… “It”.


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