Obama neglects crucial issues on his Bus Tour, Maumee Ohio edition


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It just happens that Obama made a campaign stop about 3 miles from my house today. Unfortunately I am having new linoleum put down and I missed it by THAT MUCH. Darn. But what is more important than what he said, is what he didn’t say. He didn’t say anything about energy and he didn’t say anything about how Ohio has turned her economy around under the leadership of Gov. John Kasich. He also didn’t say anything about our problems with China.

Remember this vid from EPA administrator Al “crucify ’em” Almendariz comparing its tactics to Roman crucifixions?:

Bet you guys thought since he resigned we had seen the last of him, right? But as with all the Obama cockroaches they scurry away in the light but come back to haunt us in another way. From the ultra-radical environmental group Sierra Club comes this presser that “Crucify ’em Al” will be  joining the staff of the Sierra Club effective in mid-July as Senior Campaign Representative for the organization’s Beyond Coal campaign.

New York Mayor Bloomberg donated $50M of his own money a year ago to this” Beyond Coal” campaign and in the words of our “Occupier of the Oval Office” let me be perfectly clear: this campaign’s goal is with the assistance of the job-killing EPA and all their new regs, to eradicate coal in toto: to put out of business all existing coal plants, and to prevent future coal plants from being built.

And in case you think I am exaggerating, for those of you who missed it, below is a video from Sen. James Inhofe of EPA Administrator Carl Spalding admitting on camera Obama-EPA regs will be “painful”:

Yes, he said:

“if you want to build a coal plant, you’ve got a big problem.”

As a resident of Ohio this state receives about 80% of her electricity from coal. From America’s Power comes this chart which shows that in Ohio, those making less than $10,000 a year after taxes spend a whopping 82% of their income on energy:

Pretty stunning. But did Obama address this issue during his rally when thousands are out of work in this major coal-producing state? No. Instead he and his EPA officials seem to take sadistic pleasure by creating more onerous and expensive regulations.

Obama complained a lot about his opponent’s “negative campaign ads” and how expensive they were. But he never mentioned how now Governor John Kasich and his common sense policies have grown this state’s $.89 (yes, you read that right) slush fund into a whopping $482 million slush fund and balanced Ohio’s budget. Below is a short vid on how it was done:

Obama also resurrected his talk about getting tough on China from the last campaign. More election year rhetoric. In 2007, Obama made the same promise but four years in office tells a different story. You know when Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown says Obama has failed to confront China, you have a problem. From the RNC a short vid on Obama’s failed  policies with China:

This was clearly a campaign stump which again contained nothing new about fixing our economy, getting people back to work and using the energy resources we have within Ohio, and the rest of this country, to make us energy independent.

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Kenny Solomon
July 5, 2012 8:48 pm

#ObamaBusNames ……..

The Bridge-Abutment Express

The Magic Prayer-Rug Rider

The FEMA Camper

I’ll stop now.   😉

E Pluribus Unum
July 5, 2012 9:07 pm

Al “crucify ‘em” Almendariz – just like Van Jones, when they get chased out of the Obama administration, they don’t actually get fired. Just transferred to another division of Soros Inc.