Arch Coal lays off 750 in Appalachia


Featured image from the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” website.

As Obama and the EPA continue its “war on coal” we are beginning to see the devastating results.

I won’t do a repeat of Obama’s vow in 2008 to bankrupt the coal industry, I’m sure everyone knows his words by rote. Arch Coal, one of the world leaders in coal production announced last week the layoff of about 750 workers, 600 in Kentucky and the rest in Virginia and West Virginia. Arch will also close 3 plants: 2 in Kentucky and one in West Virginia.

“Current market pressures and a challenging regulatory environment have pushed coal consumption in the United States to a 20-year low,” Arch President and CEO John W. Eaves said in a news release announcing the layoffs.

This bad news comes on the heels of the defeat in the Senate of Sen. Inhofe’s SJ Res 37 which would overturn EPA’s new job killing UMACT rule. The vote was to be a simple up or down majority vote, which fell 4 short for passage. For those interested the 5 Republicans who voted “nay” were Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Scott Brown, Kelly Ayotte and Lamar Alexander. Even though Sen. Sherrod Brown comes from a major coal-producing state, my state, Ohio, he also voted “nay” even when he claimed a month ago he was clueless about this resolution.

Wyoming is the No. 1 coal producer in the country followed by No. 2 West Virginia and Kentucky at the No. 3 spot. Electricity coming from coal will fall below 40%, the lowest since the government began keeping records in 1949. The jobless rate in one county in Kentucky, Knott, is at a whopping 12.5%.

New job and coal-killing regulations invoked by the Obama administration over the last couple of years, and one last March, are responsible for this coal turmoil. However, the environmental libs are never outdone and one had this to say:

Robert Ukeiley, an environmental lawyer in Berea, Ky., said it’s ridiculous to blame environmental regulations for the coal industry’s struggles. He said those rules are “completely reasonable,” have been decades in the making and are a “moral no-brainer.”

Mayor Mike Bloomberg, not to be content with banning 16 oz. slurpies, gave a donation to the Sierra Club of $50 million a year ago for their Beyond Coal campaign which has the envirowackos jumping up and down with glee every time a coal plant closure is announced. Bloomberg even went as far as to send a letter to EPA Chair Lisa Jackson with about 90 other mayors signing on, stating their support for the EPA’s MATS Act, or Mercury and Air Toxic Standards claiming of course we are all going to die from coal dust. Notice where some of the mayors are from: Memphis, Columbus, Austin, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, South Dakota and several from Florida, one of note is the mayor of Pembroke Pines which is in Broward County, Mayor Frank Ortis. Well Mr. Ortis, I am not sure you have checked lately but there is not one coal power plant in the southern third of Florida, which includes your county, so I’m not sure why you have your knickers in a knot especially since a study has shown that all this EPA red tape and the unemployment it causes is literally making us sick, not the other way around.

This is just the beginning folks, as more coal companies announce closures of existing plants and cancelling of future plants unemployment in the coal sector will continue to rise: and the devastating economic consequences will ensue.

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Kenny Solomon
Kenny Solomon
June 26, 2012 7:24 pm

Ahhhhh, the semi-esteemed Mayor Ortis……. Really corks my screw that my local tax dollars pay the man’s salary…… Yes, I reside in ‘Da Pinez’. By the way, good ‘ol Mayor O is also a member in good standing of ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’. Read that as ‘Mayors Against Anyone Having Any Rights Whatsoever’. Pretty amazing that the city where I live allowed me to license my business within the city limits. Yes, I’m a typical bitterly-clinging gun owner, evil capitalist corporate president and to make things all the more gooder, I’m a certified firearms instructor……. and that’s my company: Safety… Read more »