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Obama: “tell your event guests to send me money”

Featured photo via The Blaze.

Yes, we have lived through #AttackWatch, “get college credit for being an OFA intern, “host a summer organizer at your home (fat chance)” and now “Truth Teams” from Obama.

But a new low has happened this day. I am so accustomed to dumping emails from the Obama campaign, this one escaped me until I happened across it at The Blaze:

Obama event registry

Yes, in lieu of “gifts” for that special occasion, just register your “event” with Obama so your guests can donate to his campaign.

What’s next: “in lieu of flowers at your funeral, have your mourners donate to me.” ” Husbands, prostitute your wives and send the $$ to me.” FYI my Ipad crashed as I was reading all the comments at the Obama campaign site, 95% thumbs down. Must be a sign from His Majesty.

This one literally “takes the cake” as Lady P has already opined.

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