Barack Obama, America’s Cowardly Lion


President Obama is a coward. There, I’ve said it. After observing this president for over 3 ½ years, as he sat for softball interviews set up by his friends in the malignant media, and after seeing him run away from challenging questions from reporters, no other conclusion can be reached.

The big news story of the day – giving backdoor amnesty to over 800,000 illegal aliens – gets whitewashed by the media. Instead, the country is once again treated to an attack on a conservative reporter who dared to interrupt the president and ask him a tough question. Of note on this interruption, the reporter himself, Neil Munro, stated he thought the president was through, and when Mr. Obama indicated he wasn’t, Munro ceased his inquiries. The next scene we’re treated to is the retreating back of Mr. Obama as he runs away from questions. Erick Brockway already covered the video of this exchange here at UP; this discussion is about the president’s ongoing pattern of behavior.

We can argue about protocol, bad manners, bad form and the general rule that one just doesn’t interrupt the president – all of the above is a given. What is not a given is that the President of the United States should be afraid to face honest, challenging questions. At least half of this country has a different political viewpoint than Mr. Obama and his administration; these people have a right to question the president and his policies, especially when they circumvent the law. In fact, we have a duty to question the governance; that’s what the First Amendment is about.

I’ve written a series of articles about Barack Obama, the man. One article in particular addressed his narcissistic petulant behavior, “The Unmasking of Barack Obama.” Today, let’s address his anger management issues. When questioned or challenged, he immediately becomes defensive to the point of losing his cool, on the verge of a tantrum. All of a sudden the smooth-talking teleprompter president stutters, loses his place, and has difficulty coming up with spontaneous and thoughtful remarks. This is a man who cannot function without being scripted and held together by a set structure.

Where does this take us? Our president doesn’t have the strength of character to rise up and meet unpleasant situations. When challenged, he runs away. It’s irrational behavior, and irrational behavior is usually driven by fear. So what does he fear? Being unmasked? Being found to not be the brilliant intellectual his Leftist cohorts painted him out to be? It wasn’t hard to figure that out. That’s why he is so scripted, controlled, and teleprompter-cocooned.

What kind of man is this? A man who is afraid to be confronted by the People? If he was truly the tough guy he pretends to be, he’d have said to the reporter (after politely chastising him), “I’ll answer your question when I’m done.” Instead, Mr. Obama got angry, angry because he is thin-skinned, and because he knew he was on shaky ground. He was afraid to stand up for his beliefs or to defend them. He can’t defend them, so he runs away. Pretty hard to respect someone who always runs away when the challenges appear. And that’s what this all boils down to…everyone says, nay, demands we respect the President. The reality is, it is the Office of the President that is respected; the occupant must earn respect. A president is nothing more than a human being, and one is not automatically given respect, one must earn it. When we see the meltdown of this occupant of the White House, we see anger, but that anger is weakness, not strength.

The malignant media provides his rear guard and support as he runs away. They act as his army and attack his perceived opponents. Today they’re calling the conservative reporter who asked the hard question “a heckler.” (See EPU’s coverage on this.) It is pathetic when the man occupying the Oval office is afraid to answer to the American people, people whom he has sworn to protect and defend. All the people, not just some. It’s also a pathetic image to the world at large. Consider how our enemies laugh at America now, and our friends (those we have left) cringe. In many ways, this president reminds me of the little boy who falls down, skins his knee and cries, “you hurt me.”

I’m sorry, Mr. President, I grew up in an era when men were still men, and women were ladies (or at least wanted to be). Even in the old westerns the bad guy made a valiant last stand. There isn’t anything presidential about a man who runs from the people, runs when challenged. The people have seen you make jokes while a massacre was occurring at Ft. Hood. You’ve stormed out of debt ceiling meetings with the peoples’ representatives when you couldn’t get your way. You’ve attacked the Supreme Court openly in your State of the Union address (very bad manners), and you use your media comrades to attack them now, in advance of possibly adverse rulings to your way of thinking. These behaviors are conduct unbecoming. We also know you take your recreational time seriously, but it’s hard not to notice your time on the golf course and your lavish partying and campaigning lifestyle while the real unemployment rate and underemployment numbers are much higher than your massaged 8.2%. It is particularly noxious that you lead this lifestyle while the country suffers – because of your policies.

Americans, traditional and hard-working, have always expected their president to be from a certain mold; self-made, and self-reliant. Those are the individuals who are able to face adversity and show strength of character. Instead, in you, we see a man who continues to hide behind the “skirts” of his predecessor, George Bush, blaming him for outcomes your own policies, regulations and laws have caused. I would think it rankles you to know that you’ve had to be and continue to be propped up by your sycophants and the fawning media. They run interference for you; they cry racism at every turn, yet deep inside some of them must surely know it isn’t the color of your skin or anyone else’s that drives the discussion this way; it is your character and integrity, or lack thereof.

Eric Holder, your Attorney General, called America “a nation of cowards.” He should have looked at his own boss for the real example of cowardice today.

Ultimately, none of this touches you. You’ve circumvented the laws of the land, and the will of the people. You’ve tried to destroy our traditions and moral foundation and you and your cohorts have no conscience about the deeds or the outcome. Still, in the end, one has nothing if you don’t have respect. Real, honest and earned respect. In November, we’ll remember how you hid behind the media and your radical Hollywood friends. We’ll remember your inability to take responsibility for your actions, and your tendency to blame everyone but yourself for your failures as a president. We’ll remember.
One final point: it appears you never learned this important life lesson – you’re not supposed to let them see you sweat.

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Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)

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June 19, 2012 8:19 am

A very old military tradition states ‘you salute the office, not the man’. An officer-holder’s emblem of rank dictates the appropriate respect due the position, not the one Occupying it. If the reporter thought the remarks were concluded and asked a question, it’s hardly ‘heckling’, despite the spin attempts. This current office-holder seems to think the respect flows to him personally, the ego-maniac, when it is properly accorded to the slot he was elected to. The hypocrisy of Donaldson is truly amazing!

June 19, 2012 9:11 am

Barack Hussein Obama is indeed all of the characters of the Wizard of Oz, he has no heart, he has no brain and he indeed has no heart and as we can see when he plays 100 rounds of golf and parties all the time he is NOT the most devilish character in the movie that would be the progressives who are passing bad policy and pushing America further towards the edge, it is the others in the White House, the men behind the curtain that are killing this country.

E Pluribus Unum
June 19, 2012 9:16 am

Graciousness never goes out of style. This petulant, easily offended thing, exactly like you say, is born out of a life of ease, and the fact that deep down in his gut, he is not absolutely certain that he is the smartest man in the moon.

June 19, 2012 9:48 am

Penetrating essay, Lady P.  Thanks for putting into words what we all feel.

June 19, 2012 10:37 am

>>>Eric Holder, your Attorney General, called America “a nation of cowards.” He should have looked at his own boss for the real example of cowardice today.<<<
This is good.  Nothing leaves a mark like self evident truth.

June 19, 2012 7:56 pm

When history is written he will be known as the bully president. Have others do his dirty work while he stood and watched with delight as blood was spilled and bones broken.

He reminds me of a comment I heard thirty years ago.
Never trust a stoner. Totally unreliable in any situation.


June 20, 2012 12:35 pm

Excellent article. 

June 22, 2012 4:42 am

I do not have the words to express my gratitude for your articulating everything I have been thinking for so long.  Thank you, Mme. Penguine.  Well done.