Did this guy ever get accused of “heckling” President Reagan?

Did this guy ever get accused of “heckling” President Reagan?

I get so sick of this crap from the left: Question their sainted leftist President, ignore the question. Instead, focus on how it was asked, or when it was asked. Never focus on the question. Ever.

Also, make it about race. Always.

This morning at my desk, I was watching B. Hussein Obama give another presser (as opposed to a press conference where he should, one would think, answer questions), and as I heard the droning and whistling “S”es winding down, I heard a reporter ask him a question, to which Obama angrily snapped at the reporter.

Obama had just, with the stroke of his pen, bypassed Congress yet again and enacted what amounts to backdoor amnesty through executive fiat. This was a major thing. Questions were everywhere. Questions you know he’d like to avoid, as his Executive Order was basically pandering to a group of Illegal Immigrants Rights people next week.

So a reporter, knowing Obama would be avoiding questions at all cost, asked a question:

Sometimes, the president does answer shouted questions. At the end of a March 23 Rose garden event, for example, he answered a shouted question about Trayvon Martin, a Florida youth killed in February.

On Friday The Daily Caller asked a question as his speech appeared to be ending.

The president rebuked the TheDC, but then he declined to answer any other questions when he finished his carefully crafted statement.

He declined to answer TheDC’s shouted question about the impact of his new policy on American workers. He also failed to answer another reporter’s question.

In previous administrations, some reporters used the tactic very effectively. ABC’s Sam Donaldson, for example, was famous for his shouted questions to President George H.W. Bush.

TheDC’s shouted question was described as a heckle by some established outlets.

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It was not “heckling” as the left likes to call it whenever Obama is asked a tough question – or any question for that matter – by any reporter perceived a conservative. It was a question. Period. Mistimed? Maybe, but it was a valid question that B. Hussein Obama should and would answer, if he had an answer, that is. But he doesn’t have an answer, because it’s all a political ploy to pander to a voting block.

Well, you know it didn’t take long for the first leftist at MSNBC to come out and call the question “Racist” as we see Julian Epstein here firing the first of what will no doubt be many salvos at the race line:

UPDATE: Here’s Neil Munro in his own words as to the why and how:

President Barack Obama declined to take any questions from reporters about his controversial and significant decision to offer a de-facto amnesty to at least 800,000 foreigners aged 15 to 30.

The president turned and walked away from reporters at the end of an early afternoon address in the White House’s Rose Garden, even though two reporters called out questions about his decision.

The announcement of the decision comes at a time of record unemployment among low-skilled workers, Hispanics and African-Americans.

For example, less than 50 percent of younger African-Americans have full-time jobs, according to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Unemployment among Hispanics, youth and African-Americans rose in May, according to the BLS.

Obama justified his immigration decision by saying it is supported by business lobbies.

The president has often used this no-questions strategy when making important or poll-boosting announcements.

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