Yes, once again the sexual predators are after the innocence of children under the guise of “Sex Education.” It was the sick and twisted animals of the Alinsky Movement who have turned what used to be a rather droll and simple health class – separated into boys and girls, classes about your body and what changes were happening, to an all out assault on kids by the immorality that dwells in the sickness of the soul of the left. They want to make the moral/immoral and immoral/moral so that nasty hateful things that happen to children do not upset the senses.

Take NAMBLA which the ACLU fights for and who encourage their man/boy love members to join the Priesthood, Boy Scouts, Little League as coaches etc. They are “progressives” and they have worked a lifetime at forcing their filth on a nation and we end up here to today with this Principal being no different than many teachers, found with child pornography on his computer.

Trust me when I say unless we take back the schools, and attach the federal dollars to the student and stop this madness that is progressivism from touching every aspect of our children’s lives, there will never be innocence again for young children Stop The Insanity

A disturbing story is making its way out of a small community in Washington State, where residents are outraged over a school lesson that was delivered to fifth-grade children. During a sex education class led by the Onalaska Elementary School principal, graphic descriptions of oral and anal sex were purportedly delivered.

According to Fox News’ Todd Starnes, the 11-year-old students were being given a lesson on HIV-AIDS. However, the lesson took a bizarre turn when a student reportedly asked about other forms of sexual activity. At that point, the principal then delved into subjects many would deem too advanced for the children.

While the school hasn’t offered comment, Superintendent Scott Fenter defended the principal’s actions, claiming that she only gave “factual information” and “no demonstrations.“ Fenter also claims that the lessons that were offered came from ”state-adopted curriculum.”

“In reality, she stuck to the curriculum,” the district leader told Seattle’s Q-13 Fox News. “It’s pretty difficult to talk about STDs or sexually transmitted diseases without explaining what that is, or how it’s transmitted.”

No child should ever have to have a discussion about anal sex in the 5th grade, hell, they shouldn’t have to have a conversation about sex at all. It is up to the parents to have that discussion. The lefties want to talk about obesity but it is their perverted “social” teaching which has created more mental issues for kids than fat issues.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy