Which of These is a Disease?



The answer of course is that neither is a disease. Nor is the possession or use of either item a disease. What, then, is the justification for this?…..






For the survey, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year questioned more than 15,000 public and private high school students across the country. Some earlier studies had suggested teen texting while driving was becoming common, though perhaps not quite so high.

We have a texting-while-driving problem where we live.  We didn’t need a study by the CDC to identify it.  We have law enforcement officers and investigators and we have a state legislature which outlawed it.  There are no vaccinations against it, but if the county sheriff will deputize us, we can address the problem locally.  We personally encounter 10-12 of these idiots on our local excursions every day, mostly young, mostly female.   We don’t need any input from Ray Lahood  or the CDC and we don’t need federal funds or programs to combat the problem.  We have such a thing as local governance.

Even if one thought that a case could be made for the examination by …..someone … of “risky behavior” that leads to death or injury, please note that the Atlanta-based agency, which is an adjunct of the Department of Health and Human Services, is not the “Centers for Injury Control”, or the “Centers for Death Control”, it is the Centers for DISEASE Control. The problem with bleeding heart liberals or compassionate conservatives who want to argue that “everybody agrees this is a big problem, and safety is related to health”,  is that this type of thinking leads to a CDC unleashed, a CDC that for many years pushed the gun control agenda for the Brady Bunch by doing “studies” on gun ownership, accidental firearms deaths, crime statistics, etc. They were stopped only after some intrepid conservative Republican stumbled onto the practice and urged his colleagues to defund the program and remind the CDC what their mission is.

The proof that federal agencies like the CDC will take the funding and run with it, whether it is for a political agenda or just to have something to do, can be found in this other example of cell phone use they investigated:

WASHINGTON — One in 4 households has a cell phone but no traditional landlines, a trend led by the young and the poor that is showing no sign of abating.

Stephen Blumberg, a senior scientist at the CDC and an author of the report, said he believes the tough economic times are having little effect on the switch from landlines to cells. One possible exception – a sharp increase in the number of children from cell-only households, which he said partly reflects a growing number of children living in rented housing as their families’ homes were foreclosed.

A…senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… reports on….cell phones…land lines ….poor people …..rental housing…..foreclosure..trends …the young …. tough economic times ……….

Yep, what we need is some Bowles-Simpson Commissions to study what to do about the budget, give us some tips about where the waste, fraud and abuse are.  Get some impeccably- credentialed muckety-mucks to chair it and appoint some of the finest policy wonks the Congress has to offer to get on the case.  Probably going to have to take some Medicare away from retired people who have paid into it all their lives, or take a couple thousand more out of their social security checks.    Can’t be helped.  Impossible to touch Medicaid, SSI and SSD because of the misunderdisadvantaged, dontchaknow?  Just no other place to cut. Absolutely can’t cut vital programs and services like the CDC.   Did you know there are programs to give cell phones to the misunderdisadvantaged?

This stuff is just so….haaaarrrd!    Takes an annual salary of $174,000 and a staff budget of $1,000,000 to even begin to address the problems facing our country.  Times 535.  Some would say that’s a  ….disease.

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June 9, 2012 6:45 am

Oh Bob, where to even begin? Not only free cell phones for those who qualify (usually receiving food stamps or school lunches=qualification), but hugely reduced prices for broadband internet ($10/ month) and even pc’s (https://www.komando.com/columns/index.aspx?id=12629&utm_medium=nl&utm_source=column&utm_content=2012-05-27-column&utm_campaign=end&page=3). Equating no landline with poverty is ridiculous; many acquaintances have done so, they’re not poor. Our home disconnected the landline in favor of a stationary cell unit, works with our cordless phones, at one-third the cost of a landline, with it’s Universal Gore Tax, etc. These studies, and those ‘studiers’ are one reason we’re broke-broke-broke.

June 9, 2012 1:15 pm

The biggest disease plaguing the nation is the federal government!