Hate: Poor Nourishment For What Ails Us

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I’m not writing… anything anywhere. I’m too angry and everything I think is angry. The only post I’ve wanted to write in a long time is a “Goodbye, world! Live with the mess you made and leave me out of it”. There’s a reason for that.

  • — We’re in a full fledged race war predicated on a work of fiction erroneously called an autobiography. (Dreams From My Father as well as lies told in ’08 campaign speeches.)
  •  — The economy is about to crash in a big big way, even if Romney wins the election. All that’s being done, in spite of Obama, is delaying that crash so it can be blamed on somebody, anybody, but the people who caused it. (Congress and debt ceilings and Bernanke’s “injections”.)
  • — Every time I look at UP and see all the “By an Angel’s” posts I get angrier. I’m past crying.
  • — We have people being threatened for what they write and think but we’re the ones acting like Hitlers? The chasm between brains and actions and consequences is bigger than the Grand Canyon. Just as Nazi Germany didn’t seem to see their own evil staring them in faces, this one is beyond my understanding. ( Swatting )
  • — All the celebrities who once did a movie about government conspiracies think they know more than we do about what’s right and wrong while they go online and YouTube their abortions, have TV shows commenting on how great Obama is, and threatening anybody who might think otherwise. (Too numerous to list. )
  • — Then there’s the media and the phony statistics.
  • — Then there’s the crowd whining about the scientific method when they wouldn’t know if it if it hit them in face, which I could easily see myself doing since I have several (old) books outlining it. (Global warming.)
  • — And the other crowd who think it’s their God given right(the same God many of them profess not to believe in) to rape, pillage, and murder in the name of Freedom of Speech in spite of the fact that the Constitution clearly states peaceably assemble. (OWS occupiers.)
There’s more but I’ll just keep to myself for now. The list could go on for days. They (the left and their stooges) are killing themselves with their own hate and there’s not a thing I can do about it. There are no words that will persuade them because of that disconnect between brains and actions. In spite of that big ball of anger, I haven’t:
  • Threatened to kill anyone.
  • Wished death upon anyone.
  • Destroyed other people’s property as way to terrorize others into my way of thinking.
  • Vandalized anyone’s vehicles for having a “bad” bumper sticker.
  • Raped or murdered anyone.
  • Used a minority status to break the law and get away with it.

And the noise from the media is deafening, drowning out any words of reason. They’d much prefer to talk about the latest celebrity scandal or how well Obama is doing according to their phony statistics or feeding the hate.

Yet, somehow in this bizarre world, I’m the bad guy simply because I believe in freedom, or at least as much freedom as an orderly society can allow. There have to be some rules to live by. Otherwise we live in chaos. We know what chaos is because we’ve been looking at it since 2006 when progressives took over Congress. The idiots threatening everybody don’t realize how much they need those they are threatening; or if they do, they hate the fact they do. Hate is a terrible thing to live on but the progressives have plenty of it and most times don’t even understand what it is they hate. It’s just a “thing” to them, a fad, a way to be “cool.” That is, until it isn’t. When it isn’t, I don’t want to be there.

Yesterday, I was at the grocery store and wanted some ham from the deli.  I got my ham and with a big smile on my face uttered, “Thank you.” The lady behind the counter refused to meet my eyes and mumbled something as she turned away. That’s where hate gets you. She has a job due to that race war I spoke of above, yet, resents those who gave it to her. Without our commerce in that store, there wouldn’t be a store and no job.

But hate is what they have and what they feed on, much like the ‘crack’ addict. I’ve seen them in real life, crack addicts. They will forgo food, shelter, even their own children chasing the high. Eventually they hit rock bottom and rehabilitate themselves… or they die. You can’t force rehabilitation, only support those who want it. Nor can you force people to stop hating when it gives them such a high. Human nature and all that.

Nor can one fight hate with more hate. This is not a fight fire with fire scenario. It merely feeds and sustains them longer before rock bottom; gives them a real reason for their unreasoning hate. Besides, it will eventually consume us as well.

There’s only one way to get rid of the hate.

Starve it.

As humans and caring beings, we’re loath to do that. I’m angry but I don’t hate the haters. Some may survive yet and if they do, I’ll welcome them back gladly. We try to reason with the unreasonable in hopes of saving some instead of turning away and leaving them to it to let the hate burn itself out. We do it in our communities, our cities, states, all the way to the federal government and beyond our own borders. Egypt — hate won when the Muslim Brotherhood took over. Syria — hate will win here, too, in time because the freedom fighters are giving in to the Muslim Brotherhood, just like Egypt. Afghanistan — The Taliban, with whom we were once fighting a war against, is set to retake that country. North Korea, China, Russia all are making moves to bolster Iran in its quest to develop a nuclear weapon to wipe out Israel, then us. Even Europe is going the way of appeasing hate.

Starve it and starve the enablers. Only then will those who survive find a different diet.

There is activism to change government, but it won’t stop the hate. All that can be done is protect as much as we can from the purveyors of hate and starve them out. Harsh words, I know, but to allow the most destructive force in human nature to keep sustaining itself is our own suicide, both personally and nationally.

Time for some “tough love”.

Support people who will use their office to undercut the unions that have spent tens of millions of dollars to oust a man trying to save his state from insolvency, all in an effort to keep power and hate alive. This is not the thing to do: mend political fences. Tough love, Governor. You’ve used it to save your state from bankruptcy but the job is not done.

Support people who will go after those who support people like Brett Kimberlin as fellow terrorists.

Support those who will pursue investigations of those who support Obama’s use of his position to terrorize anyone who doesn’t agree with his policies by using cabinet departments such as the EPA to intimidate and silence.

Everything we do needs to be done with this thought in our minds: Starve it out.



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June 7, 2012 11:43 am

That was a lot..and very much appreciated.

E Pluribus Unum
June 8, 2012 1:39 am

Good words, Steph!  I’ll be honest. It’s getting more and more difficult not to hate the haters back.  Some days I don’t win that internal war.  The race hustlers and the union bosses in particular, I have a hard time not hating.

Like you, I think we win by outlasting them. It’s not easy, but that may be the task ahead of us. Don’t hate them, but do prosecute them. 🙂

Lady Penguin
June 8, 2012 7:13 am

It is difficult not to be angry, but it is important to fight the battle.  For too long we gave in and compromised, now we’re paying the price.  

June 8, 2012 5:16 pm

Stand by honey the cavalry is on the way , seriously, 2010 was a stop order Wisconsin was just a primer to remind Americans of 2010 and 2012 is going to be a cease & desist order!  All of the “gold” we in America have in the ground will take care of the deficit, we will just ensure that the “greens” are made to look like what they are anti-Americans as We The People start pulling that oil and natural gas out of the ground!

June 10, 2012 12:37 am

Reality is a tough task master and they will find the cost is higher than any of them ever considered.  Good writing Steph