An Open Letter to Ann Coulter


You’re a real piece of work, Annie.    The GOP is “whistling past the end of America”, huh?  Do tell, Ann.  Do tell.  So you’re Paul Revere, now, sounding the alarm?  Well, in that case shall we revisit the GOP Presidential Primary Campaign of 2012, when you, in your best Obama voice, told everybody they needed to shut up and not do too much talkin’?

Don’t play dumb with me, Annie girl.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  It’s on tape and in the archives.  Now, though, you’re all on your high horse  about the Scott Walker recall in Wisconsin and how nobody’s paying enough attention to it and it needs to be all hands on deck.  Why even Fox News is niggardly unresponsive  to the cause, say you.  After you spent six months telling everybody that all we needed was the moderately conservative Mitt Romney in the White House and we would have nothing to fear but fear itself.  Yes you did, Ann.  Yes you did.

All those “outliers” out there in America, from Georgia to Texas to Minnesota to Alaska were just sooo unelectable, and therefore people needed to meekly accept the guy who wouldn’t set his hair on fire in some display of fervent conservatism, a guy who “knows how to work with Democrats”, ( said he), and Unions, too, truth be told.  He was governor of Massachusetts, for Pete’s sake.

Speaking of a governor of a liberal state who knows how to work with Democrats and unions, the ‘only man of any gender for the job’, as you pointed out in your Dec. 28, 2011 piece – Mr. Mitt – wasn’t your first choice, was he?  Nope, you sinfully lusted after another liberal state Governor, Chris Christie.  He was your all, your everything, your one and only.   The only man, of any gender,who could carry the heavy load, whose girth was wide enough to tote around the entire US of A.  But all of a sudden, miraculously, Mitt would do just fine.  Imagine that.

Funny thing is, in your ‘only personage for the job column’,  the two most important issues were 1. Obamacare and 2. illegal immigration.  And, humorously, the guy who was up to curing those ills was 1. the architect of Obamacare and 2. from a highly mobile cross-border family, the Romneys of Mexico.  Ain’t that a hoot?  Now, all of a sudden, the “end of America”  is the whole union, specifically public sector union, issue.  So you have not only changed horses, you have changed the turf and YOU WONDER WHY FOLKS CAN’T STAY FOCUSED, LOSE INTEREST, DON’T TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY, QUESTION YOU AND YOUR EAST COAST ESTABLISHMENT CRONIES’ JUDGEMENT.

Yes, Ann, after calling off the campaign, after telling Newt and Rick and Michele and Herman to shut up, fold up the banners, quit speaking out and go home, and take their stupid hick followers with them, the campaign is over, get used to it, now all of a sudden, you have set your hair on fire and “the End of America is in sight.”    Gee, Ann, what ever happend to reaching across the aisle, what about the virtue of knowing how to ‘work with the Democrats’.  Why get all up in the air over a silly Wisconsin governorship when the real issues are Obamacare (as Michelle Bachman, the unqualified congresswoman made perfectly clear) and illegal immigration (as Rick Perry, the unqualified Texas governor made perfectly clear).  No, that’s wrong.  Hush my mouth (are you pleased?) .  You were just kidding about the two most important issues in America, weren’t you?   It’s really the unions.  And you were just kidding about who should be president.  It’s really not Christie;  it’s Romney.

So we suppose  now that we should  tell ourselves that that woman standing there on the capitol steps in Madison giving it her all, fighting for Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch and the courageous Republican legislators wasn’t really Sarah Palin, another unqualified, unelectable character from out of the Wild West, it was really, all along, the consistent conservative Ann Coulter?

Oh.  Okay.  (Yawn.)  Anything else we should get hyped about?

You’ve written a lot of books, Ann.  And you’ve hit a lot of nails squarely on the head.  You get it, for the most part.  You certainly get condescension when it’s practiced by liberals.  So we don’t know what it was you were expecting when you started treating a whole bunch of common people across the land like they were buffoons, and a bunch of patriotic Republicans, from veterans of congress to veterans of  state and national political wars, like they couldn’t see some grand vision or something.  These are the people, we are the people, who invented the damned grand vision.    We’ll happily elevate Willard “Mitt” Romney to the presidency of the United States, and would have also done the same for the four or five other candidates who were supremely qualified to be president, your take to the contrary notwithstanding.

Not only that, but they, and we, who built this city on freedom, understand well enough the issues impinging on that freedom, from our choice of health care options to our choice in paying union dues.  The fact that enthusiasm for this or that fight may be waning could be due to the giant sucking sound coming out of the East Coast telling everybody to cool it and get on board with the candidates and platform planks our betters deem…….electable.  Id est,  maybe those who created the problem need to not do too much talkin’, if you get my drift.



Author’s note:  Ann Coulter is the outspoken author and critic of liberalism featured in many syndications and seen on many Television Networks.  Though some have surmised she came up the hard way, through the University of Idaho, or Texas A&M, she is actually a graduate of  Cornell and of the University of Michigan School of Law.  To her everlasting credit, she was a tireless advocate for the impeachment and conviction of President William Jefferson Clinton.


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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.
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Poor. No advanced degrees. Unorganized. Feeble. Disjointed. Random. Past it. .... Intrigued, Interested, Patriotic and Lucky.

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Loren Miller
June 2, 2012 1:51 pm


June 3, 2012 9:45 pm

Outstanding, Bob.  When she gets on her high horse, Ms Coulter is a pure elitist in the worst sense of the word.  Heck, we KNOW she’s smart but that doesn’t mean the regular folk can’t figure out who has their interest at heart . . . and who is a poser or fraud.