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At Long Last, All Eyes on Texas Republican Primary

I have to say it has been other worldly watching the court delayed, longest primary in Texas history play-out. At last, it is here, Tuesday, May 29th. I’ve never seen so much political advertising in my life. My recycling bin overfloweth. To say the establishment Republicans are nervous is a joke. They have gone all out to undercut conservative challengers.

It has been vicious and to tell the truth, hard to watch as the Constitutional Conservative upstarts have been buried 20-1 by the establishment and the trade associations within and outside of Texas. Texas House Speaker Joe Straus has unloaded tons of cash on behalf of his favorite enablers. That’s to be expected from a moderate who got his Speaker job through a backdoor coup. The rat needs to go and he has a strong challenger in the primary.

Here’s a few races I’m watching closely:

TX U.S. Senate race: LT Governor David Dewhurst vs Ted Cruz and a pack of others. Governor Perry has settled accounts with his Dewhurst endorsement. Sarah Palin supports Ted Cruz. It is a showdown folks and this one really matters. Dewhurst dodged the candidate forums and has thrown the kitchen sink at Cruz. He’s never made it to 50%. Runoff will be July 31st.

TX SD 25: Dr Donna Campbell, supported by Empower Texas, seeks to knock off the liberal Republican State Senator Jeff Wentworth. You may remember Campbell from 2010 when she gave Democrat Lloyd Doggett a good run for his money.

TX HD 3: Dentist and father of 10, Troy Bonnin, is hoping to edge out 2 other good conservatives in this newly drawn district.

TX HD 64: In my home district, Denton County Tea Party founder Mike Brucia takes on Speaker Straus fav Myra Crownover. The grassroots wants Brucia but Crownover has mounted a big advertising blitz.

TX HD 98: Seven term insider Vicki Truitt is in big trouble against self funded, Tea Party backed, Giovanni Capriglione. Gioavanni is a long time Republican activist and Straus may well lose a friend here.

TX HD 121: Matt Beebe tries to do the impossible. . . win in a primary against Speaker Straus.

There are many other races with good Constitututional Conservatives challenging entrenched incumbents. Read about them here.

Oh, yes, the Democrats have their primary tomorrow in Texas. If anyone cares. They are pretty much wiped out in Texas, with the exception of the large urban centers and the VRA districts. That’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

Texas native. Conservative small businessman with 31 years experience. Government should roll back the nanny state. No country can tax its way to prosperity. The question isn't who will let me but who will stop me?


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