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Class Warfare – It’s Enough to Make You Puke

The CEO bashing was abated for some time, as Obama tried to pretend to Wall Street and Main Street that he wasn’t anti-capitalist.  Well, now that the titans of commerce  are rousing from their sleepover at the House of O and discovering he is fickle, the O-team has decided to resort to going after the Communist Fundamentalist vote.  The entire front page of the Business Section today was devoted to anti- CEO stories by the Associated Press.  Three giant stories mocking  CEO salaries, perks and bennies.

And if that wasn’t enough, there was this:


By the numbers

David Simon of Simon Property received a pay package worth more than $137 million for last year, and the typical CEO took home $9.6 million, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.
Here are some ways to think about just how much money those salaries represent.
Simon’s $137 million is almost entirely in stock awards that could eventually be worth $132 million. The company said it wanted to make sure Simon wasn’t lured to another company.
HOW LONG IT TAKES OTHERS TO MAKE THAT MUCH: A minimum wage worker — paid $7.25 per hour, as some workers at Simon malls are — would have to work one month shy of 9,096 years to make what Simon made last year. A person making the national median salary, $39,312 by AP calculations, would have to work 3,489 years.
BY THE HOUR: Assuming Simon worked a 60-hour week, his pay was $43,963.64 per hour, or $732.73 per minute. To put that in perspective, the minimum-wage worker would have to labor for nearly three years to make what Simon earns in an hour. The average U.S. worker makes slightly less in one year than Simon makes in an hour.
COMPARED WITH AMERICA’S CEO: Simon makes about 342 times the $400,000 annual salary of President Barack Obama. In fact, if you add the salaries of Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, the Cabinet, the Supreme Court justices, all the members of the Senate and House of Representatives and all 50 governors, it is less than $110 million, so Simon makes well more than government’s top 600 leaders. In the past 100 years, U.S. taxpayers have paid a total of $80.6 million, adjusted for inflation, to presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Obama.
The median CEO salary of $9.587 million:
HOW LONG IT TAKES OTHERS TO MAKE THAT MUCH: A minimum wage worker would have to work 636 years to make that much. A person making the national average salary would have to work 244 years to make the median CEO salary.
BY THE HOUR: If you assume the CEO works a 60-hour week, the pay comes to $3,072.84 per hour, or $51.21 per minute. To put that in perspective, the minimum wage worker would have to labor more than 10 weeks to make what the median CEO earns in an hour. It would take the average U.S. worker nearly a month to make what the average CEO makes in an hour.
COMPARED WITH AMERICA’S CEO: The CEO who made the median salary took in 12 times the total $789,674 in gross income that President Obama reported last year. But it is less than half the $20.9 million in income that presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney reported in his tax filing.

That little ditty was in a sidebar and unattributed, but references an “analysis” by the AP.  Who actually wrote it is unclear.  Whether just an omission or intentional I intend to make an issue of it locally, but in the meantime, did you catch the last part? OUR CEO, our beloved Barack who is CEO of the entire Corporation of America, only makes a pittance compared to the greedy CEO’s of  the rest of America. See, that’s what’s REALLY not fair. But in the end, the absolute evillest of all is that Romney fellow.  He makes an ungodly $20 million.  The fact that he’s not a CEO is not the point, though.  It was just convenient to throw him in there.  No politics involved.  Really.

Pass the barf bag, somebody. The stuff that passes for journalism, coming out of the other sides of the mouths of these jerks who whine and moan about the Citizens United decision, is nauseating.


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