Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Goodnight Choom

Goodnight choom
Goodnight room
Goodnight to the cigarette smoke
that fills my whitehouse tomb

Goodnight beer
Goodnight mirror
Goodnight you narcissist
who leads from the rear

Goodnight newb
Goodnight boob
Goodnight to my
rolled-up dollar bill tube

Goodnight buffoon
Goodnight joke
Goodnight to my septum
Cause I did too much coke

Goodnight battleaxe
Goodnight Mooch
Goodnight to the taste
of barbecued pooch

Goodnight smooth liar
Goodnight course hack
Goodnight to the once mighty
American greenback

Goodnight arrogant
Goodnight crass
and Goodnight to mittens
who’s going to kick my ass

So Goodnight dank
and Goodnight kush
If it’s not a goodnight
I’ll just blame it on Bush

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