Oh. Sorry We Asked.


That ‘we’re gonna do whatever we want to do and mock the public about it’ attitude exposed by the videos which surfaced concerning the GSA Vegas conference scandal apparently is going to take some time to overcome.  We find out today that the posterboy for livin’ large on the public’s dime, Jeff Neely, is not at GSA anymore.

The General Services Administration executive who was responsible for a lavish, $823,000 conference in Las Vegas is no longer with the GSA, the agency confirmed Thursday.

Well, okay, that’s a good thing, we’re pretty sure. But is the guy drawing unemployment? Did he get a big severance deal? Did he resign in a snit fit? We don’t know.

GSA spokesman Adam Elkington would not say whether Jeffrey Neely resigned or was fired from the agency that is in charge of federal buildings and supplies.

The spokesman….wouldn’t say. See, that’s what we pay spokesmen to do….not say anything….or something.
Just because some nosy busybodies found out about the $800- grand Partypalooza in Vegas doesn’t mean every Tom, Dick and Harry needs to know about personnel matters at the GSA. See, that’s private affairs, not to be confused with the public’s business, which is, um, something else or other. We guess that’s it – the spokesman wouldn’t say.

The depth of the arrogance in the federal bureaucracy is, pardon the pun, unfathomable. And guess whose states and local governments get their cues from? So if you ever wonder where the haughtiness comes from down at the DMV, there it is. It even infects duly elected Congress critters. Rep. John Mica knows Greely is gone, but he’s not releasing any inside poop either, assuming GSA shared it with him.

Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., chairman of the House Transportation Committee, said he would introduce legislation to deal with federal executives who refuse to cooperate with Congress.

Gee whiz, we would have thought there would have been legislation of long standing on the books to “deal with federal executives who refuse to cooperate with Congress.” But what do we know – the government’s spokesmen are silent on the matter.

“After some delay, Mr. Neely is rightfully no longer on the taxpayers’ tab,” Mica said. “In order to deal with this type of situation in the future, I plan to introduce legislation that will allow the immediate termination of senior level executives who violate their oaths of office by refusing to cooperate with congressional investigations or to testify before Congress.”

So that’s about it. Neely is gone and Mica’s going to introduce some legislation. Everybody can relax now, and go chat about  gay marriage, or bullying, or the War on Women.   It was all Bush’s fault anyway.



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E Pluribus Unum
May 27, 2012 3:35 pm

Mr Neely has either been retired with a eye-popping severance package that would make Franklin Raines blush (he got $30M, plus $1M per year pension for screwing the nation out of 10s or hundreds of billions while running Fannie Mae into the ground)……

or maybe Neely has just been transferred to another division of Soros Inc, like racist commie Obamanista czar Van Jones was moved off to Media Mastur***ers or Center for American Progress-Communism, whichever.

May 30, 2012 8:15 pm

Guess Neely doesn’t have to run for cover in an elevator any more. He is probably living the high-life in the Caribbean and making 20%.