Sunday, September 26, 2021
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For Parents, It Appears There is No More Waiting For Superman

I watched the devastating Waiting For Superman documentary, that showed the despair of parents who were praying to God that their child would win in a lottery to go to a charter school instead of their local public school. They do this lottery because these parents want better for their children or as Barack Hussein Obama would say, “fairness.” One of the first acts of Barack was to stop poor Washington DC children from going to the same private school his two daughters attended Barack Obviously Meant Fairness for Public School Teachers, Not The Children. So when Mitt Romney spoke yesterday about tying federal funds to the actual child, bypassing the hateful, spiteful, Marxist teachers unions I was thrilled. I suspect he too viewed the video of a head of a New York union teaching other teachers union members how to slide Marxism into their teaching of our beautiful children.

I certainly did not know that he even contemplated such a move, but it is brilliant. There is not a parent in an inner city school, or Appalachian school or even suburbs of the worst of the worst cities that don’t dream of a better education for their child. The teachers’ unions have been the horror story that had never been told prior to Waiting for Superman and well I am glad to tell them it damn well appears Superman has arrived! Keep your commitment to this Proposal Mr. Romney and this beautiful country known as America will have the most educated and successful children in the world.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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