Crazy Talk at Camp David


The leaders of the G-8 came to Camp David to talk about the worldwide economic distress and in particular the sagging Eurozone. “The global economic recovery shows signs of promise, but significant headwinds persist,” G-8 leaders said. That is some very reassuring news, as reported by the AP.

Yeah, I’m feeling all better since those Eurojackwagons along with the Ruskies, Canadians and Japanese see economic “signs of promise.” They are all educated in the best schools the world has to offer and they must be right. Wait. . . when was the last time they were right on anything? They’ve never even learned to balance a checkbook and so they’ve come to the U.S., the land of the blank check and QE whatever.

I suppose the G-8 folks came to pretend to be doing something about their endless Euro-debt crisis but most likely they came to lay-off as much risk as they can onto the good old US of A. When the socialists run out of other people’s Euros, they need to be backstopped with dollars.

Anyways, so glad the G8 stopped by Camp David to visit with the Egomaniac playing an American president. Just listen to the words of Barack Hussein Obama:

The tension between austerity and growth — whether to slash debt by cutting budgets or use public money and other means to help spur economic growth — was the backdrop as Obama welcomed an emerging push for a balance between the two.

He seized the opportunity to cast the debate in terms favorable to his own re-election, closing the summit with the steps he took to right the U.S. economy and his economic vision for a second term. He said he was confident Europe could get on a path to recovery as has the United States.

“We know it is possible in part based on our own experience here,” he said. “In my earliest days in office, we took decisive steps to confront our own financial crisis.” -Associated Press/ ABC

Dear reader, there is an arrogance and cockiness that we see in many politicians. What we continue to hear from Obama is some sort of mental derangement.

Somebody explain to our starry eyed messiah that Germany cannot carry the Euro. Greece is done and Spain and Italy cannot print money to overcome their 6% borrowing costs. This is reality.

Above all else, Barack, Americans are not in the mood to play central banker to the world while you desperately cast about for a legacy in your final eight months in office. You and your crony capitalism in the name of giant government solutions are done and over . . . as bankrupt as Greece. Get behind us and back into the dustbin.

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May 20, 2012 3:13 pm

He can’t even get the story straight. The steps to confront the *financial* crisis, whether we agree with them or not, were taken in the waning days of the Bush Administration, and not in Obama’s *earliest days in office*. The steps he took to “right the US economy”, which were the stimulus and *green energy*, were colossal failures, characterized in many instances by misappropriation, fraud and scandal. You’re right – he is deranged. And all who still stand with him are corrupted by his disease.

May 20, 2012 7:09 pm

And yet that same “starry eyed messiah” still wants us to embrace steps that got Europe in this mess to start with and extended and worsened the mess here at home. Can you say “willful disconnect”?

May 20, 2012 7:26 pm

I read an article a couple days ago and can’t remember where I saw it. But Obama had referred to Camp David as *his* compound. Hey Obama. I think that actually belongs to the US taxpayers.
But I’ve been wrong before.