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Pete Hegseth – Decorated Combat Veteran, Executive Director of Vets for Freedom, U.S. Senate Candidate, Patriot

Pete Hegseth, who is running for the GOP endorsement for U.S. Senate in MN, was kind enough to sit down and provide his valuable time for an interview. In the interest of time, I edited the interview down, but was careful to keep the core of his answers.

Some of what Pete has to say:

His insight into current GOP legislators, with good words for Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint and Paul Ryan. :22

How he wants to be a Senator that doesn’t go there to be popular or go along and get along 1:45

A reminder that social issues matter and we won’t hide from them, but this election is about jobs and the economy. Period. 2:00

How the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, our founding documents, still matter today. 3:00

His greatest accomplishment(s) – as much insight as you need into this man’s character. 4:33 (Don’t miss this!)

Why he is the best choice to gain the endorsement and face Amy Klobuchar in the fall. 5:59


I hope you’ll choose to support Pete Hegseth at the MN state GOP convention and beyond.

Pete for Senate Website

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Scott MacHardy
Retired Army. Disabled Veteran. Constitutional Conservative. Ordained Minister.
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Retired Army. Disabled Veteran. Constitutional Conservative. Ordained Minister.

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