Michigan-01: Liberty Or Tyranny?


Gary McDowell is attempting another run at Congress from the Congressional District once represented by Democrat Bart Stupak. Bart Stupak, who marketed himself as fiscally conservative and pro-life. As a Democrat in Congress, though, he supported the agenda of the Democrat Party. Mr. Stupak will always be remembered for his betrayal of the unborn – when he gave up all pretense of conservatism and voted for Obamacare, which allowed federal monies for abortion. Does Mr. McDowell think that a district as conservative as the 1st would ever trust a Democrat to vote against the Democrat Party? Has this country seen any Democrats vote against their left-leaning leaders? No, they have not. When Democrats decide to take away your doctors, and your health insurance and the lives of babies, vote after vote, the people of the 1st District know what a “D” after a name means. It means more regulations, less jobs, and more debt as far as the eye can see.

I believe that the district knows that Congressman Dan Benishek has worked hard to lessen the debt burden. Unfortunately, he has had to work against incredible odds, going up against a Senate that has Harry Reid stopping all the budgets passed by the Republican House, which included a Balanced Budget Amendment. We, as Americans, can never truly be happy with all the votes our leaders make but what we can do is keep them right of center. Gary McDowell, the Democrat candidate for this Congressional seat is no right of center Democrat. The Democrat Party has become, as many of you are aware, very left of center, bordering on totalitarianism. The Obama administration has given so much regulatory power to the EPA, it interferes with communities getting water for their crops or even for drinking. The Democrats have allowed the TSA to molest your grandmother, your children, and your grandchildren at the airport. How do you teach your child about stranger danger when the Democrat run government is asking you to let some stranger feel up your child in front of you? The above are just two examples of life under the Democrats.

I don’t have to tell you that Democrats, when in power, passed a bill to take away your light bulbs, and most recently the Democrats attempted to allow the FDA to stop your children from working on your family farms. This is what Democrats do to a country of 300M people, they attempt to control you and they believe they have the right to take your liberty and freedom. It is about power. They believe the federal government is the answer. On the other hand, Congressman Benishek knows that it is “We The People” who are the only right answer.

Mr. McDowell would like you to believe he is “new” to politics; he is not. He has spent a lifetime in politics. “He served 22 years on the Chippewa County Board of Commissioners, which is a part-time position, including four years as board chairman.”

Congressman Benishek was your local doctor who realized the Stimulus Bill began an incredible debt burden on future American generations, thus he decided to try and make a difference. His decision was reinforced by the vote of then Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak, which allowed babies to be murdered in the womb, and the government to take over your healthcare, he knew he had to become a citizen-legislator. It is not his intent to stay for a lifetime, it is his intent to build a more conservative Congress to get rid of that which ails us, the monstrosity of the federal government. Let’s reelect Dr. Dan, and let’s give him back up. Let’s take back the Senate and elect Mitt Romney to the presidency in order to have a full compliment of America loving leaders who will help dismantle the leviathan known as Washington, DC.

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy
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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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