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Biden parades around Ohio attacking coal & taking credit where none is due

@vp, namely Vice President Joe Biden, paid another visit to Ohio today and yesterday. How many is that Joe? Combined with the number of visits from Obama you two should take up residence here.

In response to Biden parading around Ohio claiming credit for Ohio’s comeback, Gov. Kasich does a perfect job explaining how the federal government is stifling job creation and holding job creators back:

Ohio is 1st in the Midwest and 5th in the nation in job creation since the Governor took office. We did it by eliminating our $8 billion budget shortfall, cutting taxes by more than $800 million, reforming government to be more efficient, and streamlining overburdensome regulations. This led to Moody’s and S&P upgrading Ohio’s credit outlook while lowering that of the United States.

But Ohio still has a long way to go.

The sooner the federal government gets out of our way and gives Ohio job creators the confidence they need to invest and grow, the sooner this whole country can get back on its feet.

Now let’s move on to the coal issue.

Despite some creative infographic re-working, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and senior administration officials (remember Al “Crucify Them” Armendariz?) continue to show their hand when it comes to their anti-coal agenda.

In the wake of an embarrassing showing in the West Virginia primary, President Obama’s campaign has suddenly decided to support coal energy. But not really.

“After coming under fire for its consistent hostility to the coal industry, the Obama campaign quietly adjusted its energy policy website to include “clean coal” among the president’s energy initiatives.”

However, President Obama and Vice-President Biden have made their intentions clear: they do not support coal energy and are intent on waging a war against fossil fuels of any kind:

Biden says coal plants don’t belong in the U.S., only in China. But it gets worse. It 2007 Biden said that “coal was more deadly than terrorism”:

“The Obama Administration has been against coal jobs from the very beginning,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “Who can be surprised that this administration has instituted one of the most aggressive anti-coal campaigns in memory after repeatedly attacking them during the campaign?”

But protests to the administration’s anti-coal policies have mounted nationwide. Take a look at this picture from @RyanGOP, the same fella who snapped a photo of that “puny crowd” at Obama’s OSU rally a couple weeks ago:

coal protesters

Don’t you just love it?

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