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Rick Perry endorses Pete Hegseth(SEN PRI, MN)

Any of the delegates/alternates in Minnesota still on the fence about who to support for U.S. Senate at the state convention received a lot of help today in making that decision.  Governor Rick Perry, a favorite presidential candidate among conservative activists (who had an admittedly troubled campaign),  came forward today to endorse Pete Hegseth.  As many who follow me may recall, I was very vocal about my support for Rick Perry and still feel the country missed an opportunity by not gaining the great Governor of Texas as our next POTUS (and CinC).  I have written a few times previously about my support for Pete – here, here and here.  He is a good man, a solid three-legged stool conservative, and someone I am proud to consider a friend.

Before I became involved in Vets for Freedom I did not know Pete.  During the time I was an active member of the organization I came to know Pete as a person and as a leader.  Since he has entered the Senate race, he has graciously given me his time, letting me know who he is and what he stands for.

Many know Pete as a strong National Defense conservative, and he is one of the strongest, but many don’t know that he is a full spectrum, constitutional, common sense conservative.  Whether the issue falls into the realm of national security, social values, or fiscal responsibility, Pete’s conservative principles inform his opinions and guide his decision making.  He is not a recent convert either – he was notorious among his liberal classmates for being a leading conservative and editor of the campus conservative paper while a student at Princeton.

Governor Perry makes the point that Pete’s record of courage – on the battlefield facing terrorists or in the arena of ideas facing and code pink – proves that Pete will stand up for our values and will not waver when the going gets tough.  In many recent votes on Capitol Hill, it has become obvious that we do not simply need more Republicans, we need more Republicans with the courage of their convictions.   Pete Hegseth has that courage.  Pete can beat – will beat – Amy Klobuchar.  I hope all conservatives give him their support to get through the convention and into the general election so we can finally turn MN red this fall.

Pete Hegseth’s Website


(Again disclaimer:  I consider Pete a friend and have volunteered to do anything I can to get this great man elected, but am not officially affiliated with the campaign.)

Scott MacHardy
Retired Army. Disabled Veteran. Constitutional Conservative. Ordained Minister.

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