Friday, September 17, 2021
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You Want Our Country Back? Do You Really?

It is no secret that government is wildly out of control. We see every day how government intrudes further and further into our lives. We watch as our grandchildren are indebted by insane government spending.

As we approach the November elections, the country is nearing a tipping point. America is not that far away from having more people in the government sector than the private sector. If that happens, we will have lost any claim on the legacy gifted us by the founders. We will have fallen from the their shoulders and under the boot of the state.

GovernmentGoneWild lays it out:

It would be fine to take the advice in the video to spread it around. It really captures what the country is up against and frankly it should scare the heck out of any constitutional conservative. However, if you really want to make a difference you should consider finding good constitutional conservatives who you can support with your money AND your time. Will you walk a block . . . or twenty, to save the country? You can be sure the statist Democrats and their union pals will be walking the precincts to get out THEIR vote.

You might also consider getting inside the GOP, where candidates are chosen and the rules are made. It is really not hard. Like a lot of life, it is mostly about showing up. Here’s how from UP’s own Cold Warrior. American Majority affirms Cold Warrior.

Yes, working inside your precinct takes a little time and you actually have to personally interact with other people. Too much work you say? I offer a brief reminder of when the Democrats were fully in charge:


You saw Obama in the video signing the dreadful Obamacare cramdown. He said as he signed, “and we are done.” Are we?

Photo courtesy of Cold Warrior (click to enlarge)

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