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Congressman Dan Benishek Asks For More Conservatives!

You all will no doubt remember Congressman Benishek from the 2010 conservative/TEA Party sweep of State after State, from the local dog catcher to the Senate, each was chosen and hired for the promise of one thing, to STOP THE SPENDING. It was commonsense to the American people. You will see that Congressman Benishek now needs not only to be reelected, because who better then a doctor to fix the mess that Obamacare will have created when it is struck down by the Supreme Court, but he also needs more conservative help to bring about real definable change. It isn’t enough to take these very ordinary Americans, our neighbors, our doctors, our small business owners, and send them to Washington DC without backup. They want to control the spending and the debt and restore America to her Constitutional principles. However, every two years, We The People must continue to send even more conservatives, until there is a super majority of them to finally do the people’s business A Long Road Back

Two years ago, I was a regular citizen, a physician serving the people of my community, and raising my family in Northern Michigan. Suddenly, I found myself answering the call to become a citizen-legislator. It occurred at a time when many of us recognized how seriously at risk our country was after the liberals had taken control of all three branches of government after the November ‘08 election.

Under the new administration, this nation was flooded with czars, executive orders, regulations, and then there was the Stimulus package. I could no longer stand-by and watch our children’s future be mortgaged. So, I sought and won the Republican primary and then went on to be chosen by the people of MI-01 to represent them in Congress. Many others across the nation heeded the same call.

MI-01 sent me to Washington, entrusted with the mission of stopping out-of-control spending, stopping Congress from passing laws against the peoples’ will, stopping the over-regulation of our small businesses and stopping the intrusion of government into our personal lives. In other words, reform Washington.

I’ve been in DC a little over a year and a half and I must tell you it has been an enormous challenge. While many of us thought we could undo the damage overnight, the reality is starker. The same goals were there, but without control of the Senate and presidency, we’ve had to use stopgap measures instead of immediately restoring the principles of our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.

We need not sit out here and get “angry” when Republicans are “forced” to pass legislation to keep the country running because we don’t agree with everything in the bill, the answer to that is to send MORE conservatives, more TEA Party conservatives, and yes, libertarians, to keep the the two aforementioned conservative groups, CONSERVATIVE! When I speak of libertarians I’m not referring to the anarchist left – who have made libertarian a dirty ideology – but the honest, small government, low tax, freedom loving libertarians of which there are plenty. So as a majority of Americans, and trust me, the three groups above are a super majority, let’s get to work and get Congressman Benishek reelected and more troops in this very real war on socialism.

I pray to God each day that more and more Americans awaken to the severe damage that has been perpetrated on America in the name of “social justice” which is slang for socialism, and that they reject it.

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Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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