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CNBC’s Santelli Unloads on Obama: “Send a Message About Three Weeks Before Thanksgiving”

You know Rick Santelli. Many people credit him with kicking off the tea party movement with an on air rant about bailouts. New unemployment numbers were released Friday and, oh yeah, the number ticked down to 8.1% and that news led most of media reporting on the subject. What a giant charade.

Well, friends, the markets took a look at the real facts, those stubborn things that rat out the Obama media machine. The market went south. Mr Santelli had a few choice comments that stood in opposition to the MSM. Watch:

Mr Santelli laid out the sad facts. The jobs report was terrible and the net bottom line is LESS Americans had a job in April than in March.

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Three and a half years of Obama’s crazy Keynesian spending have left America with an additional five trillion in debt. The economy is crawling along at best, failing to create enough jobs to actually increase the number of people with a job. These terrible consequences fall heaviest on those already facing the biggest challenges, but everybody is going to pay for Obama’s epic failures. The real question is how much more damage can Obama do before the American people turn him out in November?

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