Monday, September 27, 2021
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Obama Isn’t Working

He hasn’t done anything but fill the coffers of his billionaire friends at Solyndra, and General Electric, and his good buddies, the union leaders. He hasn’t raised a finger to help the in-the-trenches union employee; no jobs, hell he has even denied them jobs with Keystone, or the coal mines in West Virginia. The only union “workers” he has rewarded are government “workers.” You blue collar idiots who vote in lockstep with the Democrats are voting your own demise. I am here to tell you that Mitt Romney will bring America back to a country that is thriving, where jobs will once again be plentiful enough, and you will be able to receive a salary commensurate with your experience. Mitt Romney will bring back common sense, something that has been sorely lacking for 3.5 years. You will leave college and know that there is employment for you to pay off the exorbitant college loans you had to take out, college loans which should have been illegal. Colleges are able to gouge you like this because of government involvement in the process…all encouraged by Obama.

This message is to Democrats, Ron Paul people, and Independents. I ask you to vote Mitt Romney for your bank account, for your neighbor’s bank account, for your children’s bank account. Afterwards, you can go back to being what ever ‘ism’ you want to be, such as liberal/socialist/Marxist/anarchist/independent, but if you want to survive economically the current economic state of affairs cannot continue. There cannot be crazy progressivism and the so-called helping the poor when there is no money from employees paying taxes, and this holds true for socialism and the ideology of Marx as well. The anarchist won’t have any businesses left to tear apart when all the businesses fail under a 2nd Obama Faculty Lounge Administration. The Independent voter evolved to be the voice of restraint on extreme spending in Washington DC – in November you must vote for the one who says they will stop the spending. Supposedly, it is the reason why you voted for Democrats in 06 and 08, because Republicans lost their way and Obama and Pelosi and Reid PROMISED to halve the debt by the end of his first term. These Leftists not only lied, they spent 1000% more then ever before. To the Ron Paul people I say this, you will not get the libertarian you so very much desire, but you will get 75% closer then you will from the totalitarian Obama.

We conservatives will continue to work with libertarians to elect good fine people like Rand Paul and we will stay on them and make them hear us, we will not go back to sleep. We will change this country as much as humanly possible to be the Constitutional Republic she was meant to be until the day we die. We will teach our children and their children to continue the fight, so that they may have what we probably will not in our lifetime, a truly CAPITALIST society.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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