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L.A. Riots 20 Years On: Change? Hope? Nope!

To see the way the neighborhoods that were destroyed by the last race-hustling assault on the American conscience is to see what Democrats do not do for their own, decade after decade. The opportunity to rise up from the ashes of horror should have been what Sharpton, Jackson and the pathetic losers called community organizers could have done but they of course only feed off of misery. When you see neighborhoods devastated by hurricanes and tornadoes across America pick up the pieces and put together an even better neighborhood you know that it can be done, So Why Doesn’t L.A.?

Two decades after the L.A. riots brought pledges of help to rebuild South Los Angeles, the area is worse off in many ways than it was in 1992.

Median income, when adjusted for inflation, is lower. Many middle-class blacks have fled in search of safer neighborhoods and better schools.

And the unemployment rate, which was bad at the time of the riots, has reached even more dire levels. In two areas of South Los Angeles — Florence Graham and Westmont — unemployment is almost 24%. Back in 1992, it was 21% in Florence Graham and 17% in Westmont.

Last summer, thousands of South Los Angeles residents showed up to a job fair that brought out almost 200 employers at Crenshaw Christian Center on Vermont Avenue. The event, organized by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles), was seen by some as grandstanding.

There is no value (cold hard cash) in helping the poor and minorities move up the economic ladder for the likes of Sharpton, Waters, Jesse Jackson and his son Jr., they make their millions (or in Sharptons case owe millions) off the misery of those communities. Sharpton is back at it already Sharpton Sows Seeds Of Next L.A. Riots

By yoking himself to the memory of the Los Angeles riots, and to the coming trial of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Sharpton is implicitly threatening violence even as he explicitly denounces it. “I’ve fought for justice for Trayvon,” Sharpton wrote at the Huffington Post, “because I believe in America and I don’t believe we should burn it down. Let’s prove that we are in fact the United States of America, and let’s not miss another opportunity to show just how great we can be.”

And just how great can we be, Mr. Sharpton, if “justice for Trayvon” results in an acquittal of George Zimmerman?

Sharpton surely knows this is a real possibility. As pointed out by Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, among others, the case against Zimmerman is feeble. But this is of little import to Sharpton, and indeed may even be to his advantage. The initial narrative of the Martin shooting – racist white guy shoots harmless black child – has come unraveled, leaving Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey in the unenviable position of pressing a murder case in which the only known eyewitness bolsters the defendant’s claim of self-defense. But expectations of a conviction have already been raised, not least by Sharpton himself, leaving him in the role of the man who will pour oil on the troubled waters. And, conveniently for Sharpton, the anniversary of the L.A. riots arrives to provide exactly the right platform for the type of self-promotion at which he is so adept.

I don’t know how many more decades these communities can buy into the hate and racism that the race hustlers are selling, I can only pray it ends quickly. You only need to look at each city or county for that matter run by Democrats to the see the swath of devastation they leave behind them, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, DC (only the rich white areas which is becoming more of DC then black areas, succeed in DC), hell just pick a city. The ignorance of those who continue to live in poverty (which is not the poverty of other nations, not by a long shot) and reward Democrats for keeping them there is stunning to this American, who knows that the answer is economic zones. Those communities with a taxfree shot at starting businesses, quite like the “green” billionaires get 100’s of billions of taxpayer dollars would excel and prosper.

There is nothing like allowing people to start a business tax free to get them started and loans from the small business administration to increase their chances in a core-out devastated inner city to bring it up to prosperity. The Democrats will never allow that to happen, they need those people to be poor and dependent, they don’t want them off of the Liberal Plantation

When the flames had died down six days later 55 people had died, 2,300 had been injured and more than 1,500 buildings were left damaged or destroyed.

Ahead of the commemorations Reuters have put out a series of dramatic images which tell the story of the days LA was torn apart.

I encourage you to hit the link above to see the pictures of that day and then search on that same area today, it isn’t much different. I did want to include a God story from that hatefilled race hustler fueled day which I happened upon while checking out the 20 years on story The Youngest Victim Of The Riots Was An Un-Born Baby, Who Survived

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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