Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Not Cool: Growth Plunges in First Quarter

The celebrity president, Barack Hussein Obama and all of America got bad news today. Economic growth plunged in the first quarter to 2.2, down from 3 percent in the fourth quarter and well below the forecasts 2.5. The celebrity prez, the man with the shades, the looks and the dance moves just can’t help but roll snake eyes on the economy. It is not his singing that brings him bad luck. It’s the insane spending. It’s his mountain of new regulations. It’s the Obama war on American exceptionalism.

American Crossroads has laid it out so even a “don’t give a damn” (TY Bushmills) college kid can understand:

That’s a tough, true ad. Patriots should pass it around.

Ben, if you are looking in, Keynesian prayers are wasted.

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