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“Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!! “

Well lo and behold via the General Services Administration it appears that indeed some “workers” were helping “some” Americans to get gas a little cheaper then other Americans were paying. Why they took that “Obama money” and gave a discount to the customer and then as Obama would want took some for themselves, you know To “Spread The Wealth”

WASHINGTON — It was a simple scam: Coleen Newton-White, a government contractor, and her husband would take General Services Administration credit cards from the motor pool at Ft. Monroe, Va., and use them to sell fuel at a discount to cash customers who pulled up to service stations five at a time.

Between 2008 and 2010, the scheme netted the couple almost $300,000, according to court records.

Although the gas scheme is a world away from the nearly $823,000 spent on a lavish Las Vegas-area conference put on by GSA official Jeff Neely — including a mind reader, sushi and in-room parties — it is an example of the fraud that the procurement and property management agency faces regularly.

GSA employees and contractors — including at least one employee with responsibility for the White House — line their pockets to the tune of millions of dollars a year, according to reports by the agency’s inspector general.

With the GSA thrust into the congressional spotlight over the 2010 Vegas conference and travel spending, lawmakers have demanded to know how deep the agency’s problems run. Is there, they asked repeatedly in hearings last week, a culture of corruption?

“GSA handles a lot of money,” Brian Miller, the agency’s inspector general, told a Senate committee Wednesday. “Millions, maybe billions, of dollars flow through GSA. There’s a lot of temptation.”

And from Miller’s most recent report to Congress, it seems more than a few employees and contractors give in to that temptation. The Newton-White case was just one of 64 prosecutions between October 2010 and September 2011 of people who bilked the GSA by inflating costs, or just flat out stole from it.

Well I don’t know why they would be tempted, I mean that Obama money was going to continue to flow, the good times were going to keep on rolling. I guess for some people, you know union people its never enough, there will always be a cry for MORE!

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