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But…We Were Told It Was The SCIENCE That Was Settled!!!???

This Letter to the Editor appeared in the paper two days ago.  We thought it a little odd, first of all coming from a non-climatologist but also that the forum was a little strange,  for a Department Chair at a major university to give a short advertisement for what is becoming a less and less popular and documentable  proposition – ‘Global Warming’, or, currently, ‘Climate Change’.


Chairman, Department of Geological Sciences, Ball State University

As a geologist specializing in earth surface processes, I do research and teach in areas that interact strongly with modern climate issues. I am convinced our climate is undergoing significant change that is the result of human influence. This change presents significant challenges for our society’s future. From 30 years of professional experience, I can say that the overwhelming weight of research literature in geology, and the vast majority of the scientific colleagues I have known, take a similar stance.


Having taught courses that specifically examine both the science and international social/economic/political consequences of environmental degradation, I very much appreciate governmental efforts to anticipate and mitigate harmful effects of climate change on natural systems, and populations here and abroad.


That was it. A short letter to the editor stating that he had taught geology for thirty years and knows a lot of ‘scientific colleagues’ and just appreciates the government so much. Can he get an “Amen!”? Wait for it.

Well, okay,we thought. Defending to the death everybody’s right to say things even if they are rapidly going out of vogue and making less and less sense, rave on Professor. But why now? Why after the Climategate scandals have been exposed and credible scientists are jumping off the bandwagon in droves, would this Department Chair, not just some associate or adjunct or instructor, feel the need to express that he is…..”convinced”?

Well, it didn’t take too long to put Rice and Snow together. Today there appeared this piece about new alliances being formed.

The worshipers have formed a Delaware County Chapter of Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light, a faith response to climate change. Members of the Jewish, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Methodist and the Baha’i faith also are involved in the local chapter.

The group is promoting energy efficiency during a time — according to the Purdue Climate Research Center — of growing scientific certainty but decreasing public belief in climate science.

That’s the part of responding to climate change that Jennifer Rice-Snow, a member of High Street United Methodist Church and founder of the local chapter, dislikes.

Rice-Snow. Rice-Snow. Unique name. Hadn’t we heard that name before recently? Oh, Yes:

“There have been climate changes in geologic history, but the scale of the change, how fast we can see glaciers moving, that’s not the way it works naturally,” said Rice-Snow, who is married to a geology professor. “It’s not something you should be able to see with the naked eye, shifting glaciers in a person’s lifetime.”



And suddenly the scales fell from our eyes, so to speak. Revealed: It’s not the science after all. Let the word go forth, from this day forward, that it – globalwarming/climatechange/anthropogenicglobalclimatedisruption –  is to be taken…..ON FAITH!    Not only that, but apparently even self-important Department Chairpersons, who presumably keep up on the literature, will put science on the back burner and not risk writing full articles on this very important subject, wherein they might have to do some justifyin’, but will instead perfunctorily profess their….convictions …. and let wifey and the gang down at the temple take it from there.

And so in the end, much to the lefties’ chagrin, it is religion that is the last resort………………. ha- ha- ha -HALLELUJAH!






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