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Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) Has To Fight For His Job! UPDATE:

Link for donations to Orrin Hatch’s opponent Dan For Utah And For America

This is as it should be for every Congressperson and Senator who does not keep their word to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Senator Orrin Hatch has been in Washington DC much too long and he helped to create the monstrosity that is the present day Federal Government. He voted bi-partisan so many times he might as well run on a Ruling Class ticket instead of a Republican ticket. He, and Senator Bennett, and Dick Lugar (R-IN), who has his primary in May, took us down this road of ruin.

They created the conditions for a leftist Democrat like Barack Hussein Obama to get elected and pull the final card out from under this house of cards. It is the likes of Hatch who have taken our liberties and sold them to the United Nations and to Democrats who are no better then any other totalitarian Party of history.

Senator Orrin Hatch Must Fight For His Job, It Is What He Forgot He Had, Not a Lifetime Appointment To Congress.

This is huge.
Utah Republican delegates forced longtime Senator Orrin Hatch into a primary race today at the state convention. Hatch will face Sen. Dan Liljenquist in a June 26 primary.

Strib.com has a livefeed from the convention today.

It is up to We The People of these United States of America to restore America to her greatness and fire these heathens who have sold our children and their children’s future down the rathole of history. Our chances are few and our time is limited to save our country, but with the wind at our backs and our commitment to stand strong, no matter the time in office of the traitor, we will fire you if you do not stand for the Constitution. This is no longer the Ruling Classes’ time, they had their time, this is our time, time to get back to that which makes us not only the strongest country on earth, but a nation who gives her people the opportunity for a decent life, and freedoms most people can only dream about.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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